Nordstrom Credit Event

  1. This upcoming Sunday night from 7pm until 9pm Nordstrom Mall of America is having its annual CRM event. All purchases made during this time frame using a Nordstrom credit card will earn you 10 points per dollar. Normally, it is 2 points per dollar.

    Basically, for every $1000 spent you get a $100 Nordstrom Rewards certificate.

    This is a great event, especially for designer purchases. You are able to do pre-orders for the event, too. Only invited customers are able to actually attend the in-store event. However, anyone with a Nordstrom account can do pre-orders.

    The designer brands that Nordstrom Mall of America carries for handbags is CHANEL, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, Michael Kors, Chloe, YSL, and Dolce and Gabbana.
  2. I just might have to call you ChanelBoy:graucho:Can you PM me your name so I can call you. I cant call the store and ask for ChanelBoy right?:p
  3. I'm not sure I follow this. I have a Gucci watch on preorder for this event for $875 which my s/a said will net me a $160 rewards certificate. But you're saying $1000 = $100 rewards certificate?
  4. As I understand, For $875, you will get 8750 points. For every 2000 points, you will get a $20 gift cert., so for 8750 points, you will get $80 in gift certificate.

    Maybe you can check with your SA to clarify?
  5. That's what I thought too gingerfarm based on CHANELBoy's info.. I'll check with her tomorrow when we speak. She mentioned in her email that 2000 points = $20 and from what I recall, that's how Nordstrom's rewards certificate program works on a regular basis. So if you double the $80 for the event, that's where she got the $160.
  6. Is this event only for Nordstrom Mall of America ?
  7. No. As far as I know, there are many other Nordstroms doing this as well. I got the invite for the Bay Area locations but they're on different days. So, you might want to call the Nordstrom near you to check when theirs is.
  8. ChanelBoy, are you sure? When I tried to preorder last year, the SA told me that I had to have an invitation to do preorders and even though I have a Nordstrom account, they wouldn't let me preorder.
  9. I am positive. My manager and I discussed this.

    To clarify, 2000 points equals $20 in Nordstrom Rewards. Normally you accumulate 2 points per dollar spent in the store. On this night you will receive 10 points per dollar spent. A $1000 purchase would earn someone 10,000 points. That would be 5 $20 Nordstrom Rewards certificates.
  10. chanelboy,

    I don't have a nordstrom card yet, but I am thinking of opening one, will I be able to use it during this event and will I get a discount for opening a new account?

  11. Hmm...I should go talk to the manager at my local Nordstrom if the hassle me again. Thanks a bunch for the good info!
  12. You do not receive an additional discount. You receive an automatic $20 Rewards certificate after your first $100 spent.
  13. hi chanelboy, how can I reach you if I call Nordstorm?
    I would like to preorder the Chanel Reissued 226.. so I need to know what color you can get me.
  14. so is it a nationwide event? anybody know if Arizona stores gonna have it?
  15. The event is tonight from 7pm until 10pm.