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  1. Has anyone bought something from The bags are divided into a lot of different catogories such as hobo, whimsical, leather, tote, suede and so on, and it looks professional and authentic. But is it..? I'm looking for the Juicy Couture Daydreamer bag for christmas :smile: It is very silly and cute with a ribbon and all, it would be perfect for me right now, gotta love it... Nordstrom is the only plave that seems to have it available, shopbop only had the green/pink Daydreamer left! They're apparently popular, last week they had other colours as well...
  2. Nordstrom is a large reputable department store so rest assured that anything that you buy from them will be authentic.
    Anytime you buy from a major department store you are safe
  3. I love Nordstrom. They are in between a Macy dept store and I'd say a Neiman Marcus. Very reputable, with awesome customer service! Their return policy is unrivaled.

    I bought a Kenneth Cole handbag in Sept...after carrying it a few times, there was an area of two pieces of leather that started to peel apart. I brought it in to the store, as well as an unused one in a different color, without tags or receipt, and they refunded my Mastercard. No questions.

    They were able to look it up through their computer history.
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  5. I never knew Nordstrom has such a great return policy until yesterday. My stepmom told me that her friend always shops there and has returned things months later and they'll take it back. Once, she found a pair of pants on sale and wanted three more pairs in different colors - the store ordered them for her and sold them to he at the sale price.
  6. Thank you for the answers, wow, they came very quickly! This was my first post, I was very excited when i found this forum since no one I know over here shares my passion for lovely bags :evil:

    Ok, didn't know what Nordstrom was, we have one good department store in Finland so internet is really a blessing.
  7. They have free shipping right now, don't they? I just placed an order for a few outfits to try for my husband's work christmas party...I think the code was nordship1.
  8. nordstrom = love. they have a million times better customer service than saks or neimans (who have ****ty customer service because the salespeople are too self-involved and judgemental, in my experience). i wish they had the product lines that those stores have.
  9. Just one problem that I can see - I've tried shopping there before (the website), and they don't ship internationally.
  10. I WISH we had a Nordstrom's here. I live in Manhattan -- home of virtually EVERY luxury store known to man. But I want a Nordstrom's too! I always hit Nordstrom's when I'm in a city with one. It doesn't replace Bergdorf or Barneys or Saks but its a valuable place all on its own.

    Stella -- order from there with 10000000% confidence!

    [Rumor has it that Nordstrom's might be opening on 5th Ave where Lord & Taylor used to be...I have my fingers crossed!]
  11. omg you should not worry about nordstroms at ALLL. nordstroms is personally my favorite store and i wish they carried higher end designer bags. the sales people are AMAZINGLY nice and down to earth unlike those snobs i have met at neimans (no offense but im always at neimans and i have only found one approacheable sales associate)
  12. I love Neiman.. but I agree the SAs are much better in Nordstorm. Everytime I go to NM, I always feel naked.. :weird: being glanced up and down by the sales person. hahaha. It is as if they are thinking whether you are a worthy person to be bothered with. Thank goodness for my SA there. Lately, I'm having a ball in there. Though I really hope someday, they'll take visa and MC.
  13. I was just in Neimans yesterday trying to buy something from the Kiehl's counter. The saleslady made a snotty remark when I told her what color lip balm I wanted, and then I was reminded that they only take AMEX. Alas. I told them to forget it and I'd go get my Kiehl's across the street at Saks.
  14. lool funny story :smile: I think its great that you put that SA in his/her place :biggrin:
  15. I shop in all these stores - Nordstoms and Saks are both top of line in merchandise, customer service, return policies etc. Neiman Marcus is a snotty store - they have high end merchandise but they also have the most obnoxious sales people who think they are doing you a great favor by waiting on you. I prefer to buy from them online (if I must).