updated with new MJ bags

  1. Love that Karen Bag. Hate the price.
  2. that bleeker satchel is nice
  3. I love the Bleeker and Hudson.
  4. Amethyst (purpleish color of 2nd Bleeker satchel) is soooo beautiful!! I wonder how that color is IRL, it looks totally different on & MJ booklet at As of last week, Marc Jacobs boutiques haven't received any style in Amethyst yet.

    As for Linen Blake, it looks very different IRL; the pictures (on look like previous season's White Blake. Linen Blake is not white-white, it's more off-white (little bit greyish). The hardware is gold & the stiching is light grey (not obvious like White Blake). Last but not least, the suede lining is dark brown.

    Picture of 2nd Stam looks more like Camel Stam (instead of Cashew).
  5. I am in lust with the Hudson..anyone see it it a shoulder bag?
  6. I like the Hudson also. It looks like it could fit on the shoulder.
  7. The Karen bag looks like the very cute MJ bag on the cover of shop.etc.
  8. they're all nice. but i prefer this season's linen blake, though.
  9. Eep! I can barely contain my excitement! I am going to Nordstrom today after work and am hoping to catch a glimpse of my first MJ bags in real life. I promise to take pics and share later!!

    This has been a long time coming as I just moved and started my new job (as some of you may remember). Now I have a mall 15 mins away from work with a Nordies, NM, LV, and Gucci. I am 2 years over due for some real shopping!! Now, if I could only get my first paycheck.. LOL!!
  10. I love the Hudson bag too!
  11. KittyBag, haven't seen you here for a long time. Hope everything's going well with your job & relocation. Have fun shopping! Hope you will come across some beautiful MJ bags, keep us updated. =)
  12. not sure if i like the new bags, still love the stam! :heart:

  13. i saw the amethyst Bleeker satchel yesterday at the MJ boutique in NYC. That bag is huge! Looks like a duffle bag and i think it's a little wider than the Stella. Definitely a hand-held only bag.

    The color is gorgeous though! It's a true mauvey purple. i wish i could take pics but the SA was snotty :sad:
  14. Gosh-Now I cant stop thinking of that darned Hudson guys are killing me..LMAO