has trasporto denaros

  1. Thanks, I am going to order 2 to pick the best one. Wish me luck!:lol:
  2. Good luck!! ;)
  3. good luck! i had crappy luck ordering through even when i ordered 3!! geez louise - and others had better luck ordering 1 from them. phooey!

  4. Bummer Sus!! :tdown: Did you end up keeping any or returning all 3?
  5. I grabbed the only one they had at A.Okay Official and I'm pretty satisfied. I think everything on Trasporto is cute. But should I order a few and try to find perfect???:confused1:
  6. i ended up keeping one but that is on hold because i'm selling it to one of the members on shoptokidoki. i kept none for me :sad: - thought i would save the trouble of sending it back with the shipping fee and wait time of getting credited back.
  7. good luck, this print really works even on the small canvas of the denaro:yes: