Nordstrom Chloe sales anyone???

  1. Hi!! i'm looking for a chloe sale at any local Nordstrom. We have a recently opened Nordstrom where I live but they don't sell any major handbag designers, other than MJ, so I would love to get any leads of Chloe paddingtons on sale at any of your local Nordstroms so I can give them a call and perhaps find myself a bag.:yes:

    thanks for your help!;)
  2. What are you looking for buttercup?>

    I am heading to Nordies in a few and am happy to scout out stuff for you!!

  3. :heart:

    If there is a ivory/creme/beige paddy on sale.. can you let me know?? Thank you sooo sooo much~!!!
  4. ooh i got back on a little too late youre probably out shopping and i just got back!! the taupe zippy i want wasn't at my local neimans tho i saw it online.
    i'm looking for a medium zip paddington, medium box or original bowler, or regular satchel in taupe, blanc, castor, or BLEU NUIT my top color choice. well i guess let me know if you remember seeing anything GOOD!! thanks HMWE46!!
  5. I am sorry to report that my Nordies no longer has Chloes on sale. :crybaby:

    They had a stock of Chloes in tons of colors, but all full price.

  6. thank you much for looking anyway!! : )
  7. thank you much for looking anyway!! : )
  8. I was sooo disappointed. I was secretly hoping to run into some Chloe flats on sale (hee hee, not that I can afford them anymore, LMAO!)
  9. :idea:Couldn't you have your SA do a store search, even if your particular one doesn't carry Chloe? Then you could do a purchase over the phone and have it shipped.
  10. it think i'm going to try that!! great idea eddavhhr!
  11. Nordstrom at the Mall of America has some Chloe's on sale....i believe even a black paddington left
  12. Hi, I'm kind of new to this and not the biggest Chloe expert, but I actually have a question...I had my SA at Nordstrom in Beachwood, OH do a nationwide store check for the Paddy with the black hardware a few weeks ago (when I was home for winter break) and she found a few in California that she said they could do a send sale for (but I wasn't ready to commit at the time)...But I was actually wondering if anyone had seen one at one of their local stores more recently because I go to school in Boston and we don't have a Nordie's here. If so, did you happen to see how much it cost (I know it was on sale...)?? Thanks so much!! (I am actually curious about any black Chloe bags that are on sale...Just looking for a black bag for winter. Thanks!)
  13. The only black hardware paddy that I have ever seen on sale at Nordstroms was the baby paddy. It was black with black hardware. Is that the one that you are talking about?
  14. i called mall of america and they only had a snakeskin and brown/tan color available. she wasn't sure of the style but it was either a edith/betty. hope this helps someone and they were on sale!!
  15. The store Great A Luxe in Copley next to Eyes Over Copley has Chloe bags for 50% off. Go check them out. I don't know the exact names of the Chloe bags but I did noticed that they have a Chloe Silverado in python. They also have clothing for 60% off on various designers. I wish their number so that you can call but I tried searching and I couldn't find it. :sad: Hope that helps!;)