Nordstrom & Chanel

  1. :flowers: Hi, Can anyone tell me which Nordstrom's carry Chanel??
  2. Seattle only.
  3. Nordstrom at the Mall of America in MN will start carrying Chanel this winter - I'm so PSYCHED!
  4. The SAs at Seattle Nordstrom Chanel are very friendly!
  5. Wish mine did!
  6. Just Seattle, but you can do phone orders if you call that store!!
  7. I wish mind did too. I LOVEEEEEEEE Nordstrom!!
  8. Yup, downtown Seattle! I love their CS!!
  9. I'm beyond excited! I live in Rochester and the MOA is only an hour from me. Thank goodness there is something I can shop for there now.
  10. Love customer service at the Seattle store. Heard that Nordstroms at Topanga (LA area) will carry year???
  11. I'm still in shock that ANY Nordstrom's carries Chanel.

    My local Nordstrom only carries Dooney, Coach, Monsac, Longchamp, Herve Chapelier, Kate Spade, Isabella Fiore, Michael Kors, Biasa, Lulu Guiness, My Flat in London, and some really weird looking bags.
  12. ^yeah, mine too :sad:
  13. Mine has Chloe . No Chanel . Maybe Chanel sunglasses ? I know they carry Gucci sunglasses . Great shoe dept. though .
  14. I was in the North Park Nordstroms last weekend...they dont carry Chanel sunglasses (even though the clerk had the most TDF Chanel Rx glasses on!)
  15. I am psyched too! I can't wait. I think it is not going to do much good to my wallet though.:P