Nordstrom Chanel sale 12/13 (presale now)

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  1. did anyone see any wallets on sale anywhere?
  2. oops dbl post.
  3. No wallets on sale @ nordstrom.

    Mall of america chanel @ nords is not doing a sale from what I was told.

    canoga park nords, chanel is out of everything on sale

    seattle, has nothing left either...very limited to a few handbags I was told.


    where else carries chanel? except NM
  4. Charlotte Neiman's (SA Natasha) had a black classic flap lambskin and some sort of black and white stripe bag on sale but that was about all.
  5. I think it is very odd that South Coast Nordstrom does not carry Chanel, but I guess it might be because there is a Chanel in the mall.

  6. seattle - they have tweed and fur.
    canoga - the SA said "knit" bags. i'm guessing that they're tweed.

    the seattle sa told me that it's a sale on old stuff so the one in canoga shouldn't have much selection.

  7. Yup, nothing left at canoga park. and the seattle location is basically out. They have left a pink half moon bag, chanel sports bag, a tweed messgner, a fur bag and ummm i think some sort of black straw bag. They have a tan colored classic bag in a way old odd style with interlocking CC on front aswell as a black one..i believe its caviar leather. I really wanted the gray denim classic bag ( so if your on the PF and you bought it...CANCEL IT SO I CAN HAVE IT LMFAO HAHAHA KIDDING)
    Also they have some black/white CC earrings with bows on them and a pink CC earrings with bows on them. (included a pic)

    Also, in the pic, the top earrings...the huge CC in black/white with corresponding black and white crystals..I presold those for 349$ down from $520.00. They are clip on but they are going to send them off to be switched to pierced :biggrin:

    I should have called them earlier, hopefully chanel itself will do me good on the 13th LOL

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  8. lv1011- I got the same earrings except the smaller pierced ones. I didn't realize they could re-do the larger ones- that is awsome. Hopefully mine will be here tomorrow.
  9. ^^^ oh! it was you who bought them hehe....she had said they sold out of them and only had clip ons, she then mentioned they could send them off to be switched to pierced...i said YES! Please post pics of the earrings when you get them....i bet the pic from that location dosent do the earrings any justice....
  10. how much was the classic black flap?
  11. 1795 less the 33%..

    It wasnt the "normal" classic flap though, it was an older style....way older style. also they have one in a tan color. both on sale.
  12. Yay. I purchased the ring, the large black bow earrings, and a pair of the smaller logo rhinestone earrings. I'm all Chaneled-out. :yahoo:

  13. I think it was $1095

  14. hehe, it was me. I can't wait to see them in person! It was hard to judge size and I think the flash distracted from the beauty in the SA pic. I also bought some stuff from Neimans yesterday-- I have be soooo bad :nuts:
  15. ^^ whend did you get them? because cecilia told me they didnt have the small earrings yest afternoon, so i settled for the large :sad: