Nordstrom Chanel sale 12/13 (presale now)

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  1. This week, they will be doing presale for Chanel handbags & accessories which officially starts December 13th. Each SA gets their own stash to sell from and some will e-mail pics to out-of-towners. The mark down is 33%. Happy shopping!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks.
  3. DO you have a particular SA at Nordstroms that you like and could recommend???
  4. i love cecilia....
  5. From which Nordstroms??? Any suggestions would be really appreciated!!!
  6. jag...
    it is nodstrom in seattle. i think thats the only one that carries chanel ...
    (correct me if i am wrong on this)
  7. Nordstrom Topenga carries Chanel. My favorite s/a is Lori.
  8. Where is Topenga? I knew Seattle sold Chanel. I didn't know any others did.
  9. California - Canoga Park!
  10. I was able to gets some earrings. Thanks everyone for the info :smile:
  11. what kinds of things are on sale?

  12. Cecilia sent me an email with the stuff she has. There were a few tweed bags, lambskin bags, a denim hat, earrings, broach, scarf, and a ring. I don't know the official names of everything, but could forward the email if anyone wants.
  13. Nordstrom in Seattle, Topanga & Mall of the Americas sell Chanel. However, the second 2 just started carry it so I don't know how much stuff they will have on sale.
    All the SA in Seattle are great. The tricky thing with Nordstrom is that it is not a free for all, each SA gets their own stash to sell from so your selection that you get see depends on who you work with. Since they are on commisson, each has their own customers so they do not share and they don't like you buying from other SA.
  14. SOUTH - could you e-mail me the pics? would greatly appreciate it...
  15. Oop. I to PM you.