Nordstrom Chanel Lookbook 2007 Photos

  1. Thanks! I see lots of goodies.
  2. oh so many things I want. How to justify another purchase?!?
  3. I can't open the first link. It tells me it was damaged.:crybaby:
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH for that
  5. Thanks! That is great!
  6. Thank you!!! UGH! I thought I was over in buying for awhile.
    Guess not!!
  7. thank you for posting this, slc!
    i like a couple of the accessories, esp the pearls!
  8. SLC,
    Thank You Soooooo much for that!:nuts:
    That's really kind of you to share.:flowers:
    I'm sure like the rest of the ladies here..we all appreciate that! Merci!!:yes:
  9. thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow everything is there!
  10. OK, I love those two punk bags from act 1, but OMG the price.:crybaby:
  11. Thank you!!! :yahoo:
  12. Thanks so much for the pics! The colors - yellow, green, red - can't wait to see those irl. Also the perforated/quilted "expendable" (I'm hoping that's a misprint and it really is "expandable") - love the one on the left - a great take on some of Chloes and Derek Lams. Did they tell you about delivery dates?
  13. Thanks! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  14. Slc, thank you so much for sharing. =)