Nordstrom brand bag

  1. I agree, that's really cute!
  2. Sooo cute! I marked that one in the Nordstrom catalogue but never got around to ordering it.
  3. That's very cute! It reminds me sorta of a MJ Venetia.
  4. elongreach: You're so right! I see it now.

    I've never purchased a Nordstrom-branded bag before, so I'm curious about the quality. But for a hundred bucks, it might make a good "knock-around" bag. Does anyone out there have any experience with Nordstrom's brand?
  5. Nordstrom makes really great quality handbags for a reasonable amount of money. You can't go wrong with that. You made a great choice AND it was on sale. You gotta love that. :yes:
  6. Oh, that makes me so happy! Thank you for your feedback. By the way, I think the shopping bug that shot you ricocheted off and hit me!:smile:
  7. Oooo, me likey, too! It also has a Michael Kors flavor to it as well as MJ. Not a bad combo. ;)
  8. I agree, the do make very nice bags! I have a couple of their handbags and I love them. The one you ordered is very cute! Let us know how you like it!
  9. thats cute! I never ordered one of there bags but have been tempted many times.
  10. great bag for $100! i like!
  11. I bought a nordstrom bag once. The one that I got has a really nice soft leather. Kept it for years before I sold it in ebay and even then the leather was still nice. I think its a good buy.
  12. I agree- bought a Nordstrom brand slouchy leather hobo recently (on sale for $50 from $200) and I LOVE it...softest leather and nice quality- rivals some of my higher end bags :smile:
  13. Fab purse!
  14. looks pretty!