Nordstrom Blue Edith

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  1. Hey, I just returned a Blue Edith satchel with strap, gorgeous!
    Canoga Park Nordstrom- Mike- 818-884-7900
  2. hi there... i will probably go for this.
    how was the royal blue compared with the turquoise? why did you return it ?
    i have been wanting a whiskey one for so long.. but i have a lot of brown monogrammed LVs so will try one out in blue...
    how long did you have her? and more descriptions please? thanks
  3. How much was it? And, which size?

  4. I just called and was told that they sold it already.... =((
  5. Hi, so sorry they sold it ! Hopefully to a Purse Forum gal.
    I had a Whiskey Edith and a couple of paddingtons I just got. having never had a paddington until a couple of weeks ago.....I got a Red paddy satchel, and am expecting a White PADDY in the mail! I also am thinking of keeping a CHOCOLAT Paddy with the outside pocket, but the lock is really brassy! Has anyone ever noticed this on their brown ones? They are real from Nordstrom. Do they use different shades fo brass on locks?????
  6. Oh, I forgot to tell you that they had a gorgeous Ava when I was there!! It was a chocolat one that has the flap that goes over the bag and the metal part turns.
    Sorry, i don't know how else to describe the way it closes! LOL!!!!
  7. I was there on Tuesday and was so tempted to buy the chocolate Ava, but changed my mind. It was gorgeous and the perfect size. What a deal at $471.
  8. hey ciymee, which Nordstrom did you find the brown ava? it had the removable strap? please ... i have been looking for one too.. thanks
  9. chloebagfreak, please describe this blue edith... how long did you have it? was it slouchy leather? why return it? whiskey was prettier? thanks
  10. amacase, it's the Nordstrom at canoga park, california. I don't think the strap is removable. It's a shoulder bag, medium size.
  11. Hi, I only had it for a few weeks and couldn't keep it as I had some paddys come in! The Blue leather was not slouchy, it was smooth but not too moveable.
    I felt the Whiskey would work better for fall. Something about the Edith and the Stiching reminds me of a Birkin- I don't know if I can ever get a Birkin as I heard the least expensive one is 10,000.00!!!!!
    So i will stick with Chloe for now:smile:
  12. Does Nordstorms online sell Chole bags or does the Nordstorm in Long Island sell Chole bags?

  13. No, to the online question, and I was told only three stores carry Chloe bags, Mall of America, Seattle and in the San Francisco area. Don't know if thats true or not.
  14. At least Westchester, Tyson's, Towson, and . . . Paramus? sell Chloe. It's a good number of stores!
  15. I know of at least 2 Nordies just in my town that sell Chloe.