Nordstrom black venetia with gold hardware - have you seen it elsewhere?

  1. how hard is it to find a black venetia with gold hardware? I contacted my SA and they said that all of the venetia's are gone. Does a black venetia with gold hardware ever pop up on eBay? if so for how much do they usually run? I really want one now. Thanks
  2. if i'm not mistaken, the black venetia with gold hardware should be available at Saks, neiman, Barney's, bergdorf's, the marc jacobs boutique, and other vendors that carry mj. it wasn't exclusive to Nordstrom. you'll still be able to get it just not at the great sale price.
  3. Keep having your SA check the nordies system during the sale - there is always the possibility of a return from the pre-sales!!!
  4. They have it in Selfrdiges in London
  5. No...I have not seen it and I have not seen my Nordie's bag, either! Actually, I am just a little frustrated, because I am trying to confirm that the Venetia that was pre-ordered for me has actually been sent from the Chicago Nordstrom. Since so many of the bags (MJ and others) sold out so quickly, I am worried that something is going to go wrong.
  6. rorosity - Oh no! It's been a week since the anniversary sale started. Stay on their tail because for the last sale at the beginning of June, they screwed up a pre-sale I did. It was quite irritating. I did finally end up with the bag I wanted but it took several phone calls and other inconveniences to get it.
  7. I called the Chicago Nordstrom and got confirmation that the bag was sent. They tracked it and it is scheduled to arrive on Monday. Holding my breath until I see it in perfect condition. I have been really looking forward to this bag, so I hope all is ok. I'm also waiting for another bag I bought online from Nordstrom. Since their stock keeps changing, I always worry whether or not I am going to get what I ordered.
  8. I saw the black Venetia on line at, but could not tell about the hardware and, of course, it is not the great Ani sale price.

    It is a great suggestion to keep checking Nordies. If you can work with on SA, they can keep checking the system for you.
  9. i saw a black venetia at the nordstrom in glendale galleria ! call them and have it shipped to you! :smile:
  10. The Glendale store must have just received them. When I was there on the first day of the sale, they were not in stock yet and I was told they would be getting them the following week. If you want this bag, definitely call them. You might also want to try the Brea store. I was there last Saturday and they had not gotten them in stock there either. Maybe they have arrived.
  11. My bag finally arrived today. What a relief! I was worried that it wasn't going to arrive or it would be the wrong bag. It is so nice. I love it. I can see it becoming one of my favorites. I am happy that Nordstrom put the classic colors on sale. You rarely get a black MJ on sale and I think this was a great price for this bag.
  12. Fabulous! I'm glad it worked out for you. What color is the suede inside? I saw a glimpse of it and thought it looked pink?
  13. The interior is a cocoa brown shade. Much better for me, since I am not the most neat person when it comes to spilling stuff, etc. The funny thing is that when I was at the Glendale Galleria Nordstrom on the first day of the sale (I wanted to see the Venetia up close), there was a woman there that was talking to the SA. She was talking about all her MJ bags and she was saying that hers had suede lining, not like the Anniversary bags. I was expecting canvas after her comments, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the suede lining.