Nordstrom Beauty Event!

  1. Neiman Marcus Gift Card Event Earn up to a $500 gift card with regular-price purchase with code NMSHOP - Click or tap to check it out!
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  1. Thank you! I'll check it out!
  2. Wow, is this in store also or just online! Thats alot of stuff!
  3. Wow, that's a good deal.
  4. It's online only.:yes:
  5. that looks like a trend show gift too, so for those that dont want to buy online and $95 worth of goods... call your Nordies. it's free w. a $15 ticket (redeemable towards your purchases)
  6. Can you tell me more about the trend show ticket? TIA!
  7. I caved in and just bought stuff I "need". :push: I couldn't help it...
    The train case is so much better than the current bag, but I love their goodies!