Nordstrom banned from shopping from their online and store

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  1. I read it online
    does anyone receive any kinds of letter like this . It sent with certified mail .
  2. Do a search there was another thread on this.
  3. with Nordstroms rep for CS I would think it would take a lot for them to do this
  4. Obviously that customer doesn’t realize that every time she returns an item, it costs money to the company. And clearly they’ve had enough. Lol
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    Might have spent thousands over the years but they might have spent thousands in shipping too. :giggle:
  6. does anyone know the banned is going forever in your life ? or warning certain time frame Like retail equation report for 1 year? and no one in household also can order from Nordstrom store and online???
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  7. In one sentence you state you never return anything "Worn?" Then in the next sentence you state "You don't know how it'll look on you?" To me, that's a worn item & not removing the tags to try it on or whatever doesn't change that.

    I'm sorry this happened to you - But you really must have returned an extraordinarily amount of returns for you to get banned from their Stores. Usually it Can be a life time ban, but you can contact them & ask how long are they going to ban you. They might just tell you xx amount of years. No one that lives at your address or with your name will be able to purchase anything as it will be flagged when trying to purchase anything.

    I don't know how returns work in the US - But if they are paying for return shipping then it's no wonder you got banned.

    This reminds me of the Thread of that woman who was banned from LV! Lol! And another woman who went to prison!
  8. Ugh! Too early in the morning for me! Sorry OP! :heart:

    I just re read your original post & I actually thought you were talking about yourself not "I read it online!"

    My sincere apologies! :flowers: My bad! :wacko: :facepalm:

    I tried to Edit my reply above but I timed out! Most of it still applies just take out the "You" (as in yourself) & replace it with him/her. :heart::heart:
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  9. I received this exact letter a few days ago. I wrote a letter and they called me back today. Apparently, I have a 94% return rate, lol woops. It sucks though because I buy all my expensive items/gifts at Nordstrom. The returns are all online purchases from shoes/denim that didn't fit or I hated. The guy who called me back told me their decision is indefinite but I can try calling them at a much later time and see if they can reverse it.
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  10. Uh-oh! I just returned a bunch of things. I probably have a greater than 50% return rate so far this year! My husband would love it if l got banned.
  11. I return quite a bit and never had an issue, I have a feeling these folks are returning A LOT and the patterns are probably suspicious.
  12. haha - my husband is thrilled! "no more boxes! there is a God!"
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  13. Nordstrom had one of the most relaxed return policies in retail. Customers started taking advantage of it and now they are cracking down
  14. I rarely return anything even if I'm not 100% happy. It's too much trouble.
  15. If it is tried on it isn’t worn. Would you call everything you take to a dressing room worn?

    I agree that online shopping is different - you cannot order 60 things and keep two. Someone has to pay for the shipping. But ordering one in two sizes because you don’t know which one will fit and trying them both on - that’s ok in my book. (Of course, I have return shipping so I never shop online that way)
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