Nordstrom bag rant

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  1. I ordered this oversized leather bag by Laundry(shelli segal) via
    nordstrom.. and it came today.
    I was sooooo excited and practically teared open the box.
    but the color was so diffrent from the picture and leather quality was
    very disappointing. even the hardware was cheap looking and too shiny. arghhh. I know it's not a big deal but I'm feeling extra cranky lol. it's pouring out there today too!
    I'm thinking about exchanging or returning the bag.

    Anybody have suggestion as in which bag I should get after returning this one?
    it was about 400 dollars and I can spend a bit more.
    Help me pick the right bag!!
    and oh. I'm sorry for the longg rant:-0

    :heart: Hannah
  2. Return it and get something else. It's sales time so you should be able to get a really great buy for less when you go.
  3. The same exact thing happened to me. The Betsey Johnson Bag I ordered came complete with a pin mark, discolored leather and the weirdest texture I have ever seen on a leather advice, be very careful with online purchases from this store...I know I will!
  4. i know! it looked so cute in the picture! darn..
  5. honestly thats why i don't order bags online unless i've seen them in person and know that i am in love with it
  6. definitely return it! don't settle for anything that you don't love!
    i'm sure you can find a much better bag in the store itself. there are tons of things on sale now which aren't plastic-y looking.
  7. If you're going to buy anything online, I think Nordstrom is one of the BEST places. They have such a great return policy, you can take anything back if you're not satisfied with no hassle at all. It can be six months from now and they would still take it ,unlike most of the online boutiques....

    Sorry it didn't work out, hopefully you'll find another one soon!
  8. Sorry this bag didn't work out for you...but I'm sure you'll be able to find a gorgeous replacement bag at a great price since there are soooooooo many sales going on right now. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you end up with!
  9. Totally agree with this! When I returned to purchasing expensive bags a couple of years ago, I promised myself not to buy anything unless I absolutely loved it! So I say return it, maybe spend a little bit more and get something you really like;)
  10. ITA, so hard to tell online!
  11. oops double post, sorry!
  12. I'm just curious, which Betsey Johnson bag was this? And was the whole bag discolored or just spots?

    I only ask because I ordered a BJ Good Girl Hobo, and I didn't think the color was right at all, even taking into account that colors don't always display accurately. I am just wondering if I got a bad bag.

    And to the OP, definitely exchange for something you like!
  13. I just got this bag and it is beautiful, well made and practical. Car Shoe is another subsidiary of Prada, like Miu Miu and it's on sale right now at Neiman!

    Here's the link to the bag. It also comes in three colors!
    Car Shoe -  Signature Leather Hobo -  Neiman Marcus
  14. Cute! I like it!
  15. I would totally return it and get something that you will be happy with.