Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza!!!!!

  1. Courtney from Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza just called me. They got in the Spiaggia. I got to pick from 8 Mama Mias and 3 Zucca for my most perfect bags. My husband helped me pick out the placement. He was having almost as much fun as me. They did have a couple of Bellas, a BV, Dolce and a Ciao Ciao that I saw. NO denaros or other assessories yet. I bought 1 Mamma Mia and 1 zucca and another person bought a Mamma Mia right after me (a mom bought it for her daughter- she wanted the reindeer).

    My son asked me to go ahead and pick for myself so the Zucca is my Mother's Day present.

    Will post pictures but thought the list might want to know.
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pictures! I want the Spiaggia MM eventually... mqybe... I think... *lol*
  3. Here are the pictures. I love the way the bottom repeats with a mirror symmetry.
    The back of the Zucca is my favorite.
    My Zucca bottom.jpg My Zucca back.jpg My Zucca front.jpg Mamma Mia fromt.jpg Mamma Mia back.jpg
  4. Cute!! I know what you mean about the bottom mirror imaging... My zucca has that too. The back of your MM is almost what I would want for the front... Just adjust the image an inch or so right so that the unicorn isn't all the way at the edge. Hehehe. Awesome!!!
  5. Congrats! Both have terrific print placement. I agree that the back of the Zucca is my favorite. I love how at the bottom center it has Adios surfing in.
  6. Ooo, a mamma....

  7. Damn, I want your mammaaaaaaaaaa
  8. I was just there too and I just got home! I picked up a Mamma Mia and they price matched Macy*s & Bloomie's F&F 20% discount! :wlae:
  9. MrsJimmyH, But have macy's & bloomies get in their spiaggia already? How can they price match if Macys hasnt gotten theirs in ? I asked my SA but she said she had to ask her manager.
  10. Sounds like MrsJimmyH just got lucky!:yes:
  11. I was just browsing the bags and the SA's there came up to me and told me all their bags were an extra 20% off because they were price matching. I didn't even need to ask. :amuse:
  12. Wow! Do you have their phone number and do they do charge/send? You got really lucky MrsJimmyH!!!!:yes:
  13. I'm sure they do charge send.. and here is their # 714-549-8300 I don't know the SA's name and it's not anywhere on the receipt.. but a few of the SA's did offer me the discount..
  14. Thanks! I think I'm seriously considering a stellina. Did you notice if they had that style? Thanks again!
  15. Courtney is the SA I worked with. I just called her and she gave me the 20% (credited to my card).
    Thanks for mentioning the price match. It saved me enough for a denaro (when they come in).