NOrdstrom Arden Faire stock

  1. On display they had:

    Blue India First
    Marron First
    Caramel Part Time
    Caramel City
    Caramel First
    Noir First
    Ox Blood Bowling
    another Oxblood but forgot the style....
    Truffle Day---Soooooo nice! Very smooth.
    Sapin Day--TDF leather. So soft and smooshy. Great leather.
    Sapin City
    Greige Work

    My SA was Patrice who was very friendly. She says she has a lot of PF member come through and they also have a print out of Atelier Naff's website on hand for you to look through. It's in a binder.
  2. really? they have a print out of atelier.naff? that is AWESOME!!! how smart! I bet they have some of the most knowledgable SAs around then!

  3. Oh, they also have more bags in the back.

    They also had some
    padded bags in black the large and mini. A messenger/laptop bag al in black I've never seen before, and 2 more styles that I do not know the name to.
  4. oh so the gorgeous gray first is gone then??

    I might have to stop by in the AM and check out the blue india.

    **they do have the website printout, but I mean I asked her if she had any purse style bags and she said they didnt im not sure how up to date they are on balenciaga knowledge.
  5. Please tell me more about the messenger/laptop bag. Does it actually have a padded slot for a laptop?!?! Was it in the Motorcycle style?
  6. wel, i'm impressed that they have the print-out. at least they are trying to get all this balenciaga stuff straight!
  7. I was there with my purse style and they had never seen it before. We definitely know more than they do.
  8. late to the game, here, I guess, but when did Nordstrom begin carrying Balenciaga???????????
  9. I thought they said a few months ago. The purse selection has greatly increased - chloe, marc jacobs, burberry and others. I am so glad to see that they are selling in Sac.
  10. They're planning on bringing in more designers too including Bulga.
  11. Forgot to mention, the leathers at Arden FAire all looked smooth and not at all veiny. Only the bowling had some faint veins to it.
  12. hilarious that they stand there like security and watch the bags LOL.
    wish they would carry chanel.
  13. My Nordstroms Sa said they are now taking orders for most designer bags, whether they have it in the store or not now. He has this HUGE book to reference. So even though Nordies South Coast wont carry Balenciaga, I can still order it from them. Nice.

    and howcome NM gets such nice squishy leathers and BalNy gets the veiny thin ones?
  14. ^^^ True, they are looking for a YSL Muse for me...I like dealing w/ Nordies for their customer service and return policy alone!!
  15. Oh Donna,
    Is that true about BalNy stock? If I am going to order without seeing them, I want to know that. I have had good luck with Aloha Rag, but they don't have the color in style I want. Do you think it is worth paying the tax here in California to see the bag?