Nordstrom Arden Fair matching the NM Buy 2 handbags get $400 off sales event

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  1. I called NM Tyson's Galleria and they told me that they don't allow phone orders (which I know some people were able to do). I called NM Las Vegas and Ted was very kind and helpful and they do allow phone orders, but they didn't have the colors I wanted. So I called Nordstrom Arden Fair at (916) 646-2400 since they're the only Nordstrom that sells Balenciaga bags and Nordstrom has been known for their excellent customer service. I was not disappointed! Carol, the manager, informed me that they are matching the NM sales event and she was sooooo patient, kind, and helpful! :tup:

    I only inquired on Shoulders, Clutches, Firsts, and Cities. They have no Shoulders but they do have a Black SGH Envelope Clutch. For Firsts, they have Red, White, and Brown. And for Cities, they have Black, White, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Mastic, and Magenta. When I inquired if they had anything in Vermillon/Coral Red, she said they had it in the Day. I ended up getting a Black First and Sahara City! :yahoo:

    I hope this helps and good luck! :smile:
  2. I forgot to mention the Firsts and Cities were RH.
  3. how much was s/h and/or tax?

    *sigh* i want a white city and a black first - did you get the last black first :confused1:
  4. Thanks for the report! :tup: Do you know if they carry any money?
  5. Congrats on your new finds!!:tup: Sahara city sounds yummy!!
  6. Chinkee21 - thank you so much!

    Bluebe - I didn't ask for any money wallets, i'm sorry....however, when i inquired about the makeup clutch, she said the sale only applied to purses.

    Verty - I unfortunately did get charged $9 for s/h plus the sales tax because I live in CA. However, I was very excited to find two items that I wanted so I went ahead and did it anyway. Ted at NM Las Vegas told me earlier today that they have a Black First but I couldn't find a second item I wanted. Maybe they have a White City for you too....Good Luck on your search!
  7. I called about 3 hours ago, and they only had Ivory firsts left. They charge $9 shipping and sales tax in certain states. I think basically if there's a Nordstrom in your area, then they'll charge your state tax. That's what they told me. I was waiting for a SA in NM SF to call back, but she was so busy that I decided to call Arden Fair (didn't want to miss the sale) and that's what they told me. SO I decided not to get anything since with the tax, it's not much of a deal (I'm in NY). I wonder though if I shipped it NJ, would they charge me tax since there's no sales tax in NJ??
  8. Can anyone ask if they have any Turq RH Days? I'd love to get my hands on one!
  9. thanks Mickayla! :yes: if i figure out that i have enough $$ tomorrow then i'll call lv :P

    BabyK - there's a Nordstroms near here, so i guess i'll get charged 7% tax - so it wouldnt be much of a savings for me either.