Nordstrom - Anyone know when they will do double points again??

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  1. I know they just did triple points the first 3 days of their anniversary sale. Anyone know if they will be doing double points anytime soon?
  2. I believe they only do it on the first 3 days of their big sales: Half Yearly (May/November) and Anniversary. I am not sure if they do double points for the Mens Half Yearly after Christmas.
  3. Yes, Nordstrom does extra points during the first few days of the Men's Half Yearly sale (starting Dec. 26).
  4. They will be having triple points again in September
  5. Nordstrom also offers double points during certain fashion events. These are usually invite only though and for certain cardholder levels if I remember correctly.
  6. Yep, I believe you have to be a Level 2 card member or higher to be invited to special events. They're usually in the morning before the store opens.
  7. Love double points! I just got $60 in Nordstrom bucks in the mail!