Nordstrom anniversary sale

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  1. Many of you are already talking about it but I just wanted to make everyone aware of this special event. Nordstrom is featuring the Treesje Marley in their special Anniversary Sale. Definitely head to your local Nordstrom or to check it out. The prices are amazing! :nuts:

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  2. I just bought the purple and turquoise today!!! :yahoo: They are AMAZING!!!! $299 each...what a fantastic price!!!

  3. Turquoise????? :nuts:
  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! Purple and turquoise sound gorgeous!!:graucho:

  5. I received my Turquoise Marley from the Anni sale today...

    I absolutely love this bag! Such a pretty color :yahoo:, and she will going with me on my trip to L.A. in the morning.

    Thanks to Treesje for another wonderful bag.

  6. ooooo.. can you pls post a pic? I'd love to see it. The pic on the OP's are hard to see. :sad:
  7. Cool. I'll definitely have to check out the Marley.
  8. The last time I went to my local Nordies, they said they didn't carry Treesje. Are the only stores that carry Treesje the flagship stores??

    I also went online, and searched for Tressje, nothing came up!! Am I missing something here??
  9. Any free shipping codes during the Anniv. sale?
  10. OMG, that price is insane! Ahhh, I wish I lived in the US!
  11. I'm pretty sure that all of the Nordstroms would have Treesje, especially since they are part of the Anniversary sale and in their catalogue. Even if they don't carry them, they should be able to order them no problem. PM me if you want the name of my SA at Nordstroms, she can order one for you for sure! The Marley bag won't show up yet online because the sale doesn't start until Friday. Items in the Anniversary sale are new items, not stock that didn't sell previously, so that's why you wouldn't be able to find it on their site yet. Make sense? HTH!
  12. ^^ They were not supposed to sell the bags they had in stock in the store but rather place an order for least at my store. The bags were tagged accordingly. However, they had a couple of each color in stock, and I talked them into selling the ones in the store to me on presale since I didn't want to wait. :smile: Here are a quick pics of both.

    The turq has shiny brass studs and hardware, and the purple has gunmetal studs and hardware...although the studs on the purple bag are dark, they glisten beautifully in the light!!

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  13. baglady, they are GORGEOUS!!:drool:
  14. Beautiful! Do you like studs on a lighter colored bag compared to a darker bag? I need a Stud bag of some kind.
  15. GAwh you already hae them!! They better haev those colors online tonight! I don't know which to get grey, turq or purple!