Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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  1. Thoughts on the catalog?

    The LAMB bags my SA showed me were different than the one in the look book, so I know there are more. I will try to take spy pics at my appointment Monday :graucho:

    I'll probably get a MAC or Dior makeup set, lingerie, and I want to try on those Alexander Wang and Steve Madden boots too.

    They are showing lots of browns and grays for fall this year.
  2. I haven't received my catalog yet. Maybe on Monday?
  3. i didn't get the catalog yet either. i pre-saled a ton of make-up, like $400 worth, but i went through what i have, and it's overkill so i'm returning three of the items.

    actually, is it rung up when you go pick up? or do they ring up right then? if so, then i can just put back the three items. my SA may get pissed, but who cares. my money.
  4. pic

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  5. Sorry to anyone who may like it, but that bag is fug and boring.

    Good news for my bank account! I am more interested in a Covey anyhow.
  6. Last year they took my CC info at the pre-sale and then rung it up about 3-4 days before the day I could pick it up.

    LOL those boots I was talking about are by VERA Wang, not Alexander Wang. I am getting my Wangs mixed up :lol:
  7. My SA showed me 4 LAMB bags for the pre-sale a few days ago, but not this one. The ones she showed me were hobos with stripes down the sides and the LAMB plate was in the corner. There was tan/brown, gray/black, red/orange (I think!), and black/blue. It was the same type of glossy leather as this bag though. I didn't see this one in person.
  8. Thank god i don't like that particular l.a.m.b! Phew. My CC thanks me!
  9. I hate to say it but I'm mildly intrigued. I think that it will be one of those have to see in person and see the other mentioned colors. Otherwise, right now it looks like a "mom" purse.
  10. To me, this one looks like an offspring of a Leather Darjeeling mating with a Ceylon. I neither hate it nor love it. I'm anxious to see more fall LAMB in person!

    Thanks veyda for posting!
  11. don't like that one. oh well.

    if they ring it up in advance, i guess i'll just return it. maybe i'll bring it all home and decide for 100% on the make-up. i can always have my DH return it, they always try to convince me i need the stuff.
  12. I saw it in person and it's pretty, pretty, pretty. Presaled!
  13. mm the MAC that is presaled at nordies is it the same stuff you can get at a mac store or online?? How much is it discounted? Edit: sorry there was a weird issue all kinds of letters lol
  14. glamb...they do exclusive sets for Nordies Anniversary sale and i think the MAC sets are not going to be at MAC. there is one that is a complete look for i think $59 value of $100 and then some graphic flower bags with lip stuff and eye palletes to match.

    i didn't pre-sale any MAC, but I am going to look at them when I am there on Tues.
  15. ^ I saw the special anni stuff at nordies on friday. I love them all! I preordered everything! haha. I have a bit of a problem.

    I seriously can't wait to physically see the bags they have there!