Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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  1. Starting this Friday, Nordstrom will be having their Anniversary sale. Although CHANEL will not be included in the sale, there will be opportunity to receive double points on any CHANEL purchases the first few days of the sale.

    Normally, for every dollar you spend in the store you receive two points. After each 2000 points you receive a $20 Nordstrom gift certificate. Basically, every $1000 spent using your Nordstrom account earns a $20 gift certificate.

    During the first few days of the sale, any purchase made with a Nordstrom account will receive 4 points. This means every $500 spent with the account will earn a $20 Nordstrom gift certificate.

    This is a great way to earn extra money on any CHANEL purchase.
  2. tnx for the info chanelboy!
  3. I hope that the khaki cabas comes in the first few days of the sale so that I can take advantage of the bonus rewards.
  4. thank's for the info!
  5. Thanx or the info!
  6. No Problem!
  7. Double points last until tomorrow (Sunday).