Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - What's on your list?

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  1. I just got back from being out of town for the holiday. I opened my mail box and was delighted to find the Nordies Anniversary Sale catalog. I can usually spend an hour dog-earing the corners of pages with cute shoes and clothes that I just have to have.

    This year, however, I came up dry...except for a pair of Burberry signature flats and a pair of Burberry wedges. Both are really cute and I have to have them...but sadly nothing else in the catalog caught my eye.

    You can catch the expanded catalog online at

    What about you? What's on your list?
  2. Thanks I have been wondering when my preview catalog would come , thanks for the link !
  3. Where did you see the Burberry shoes, I didn't see any in the catalog?

  4. ^ I think the Burberry shoes must be in the paper catalog only (inside cover fold-out). I didn't see them in the online catalog, either.

  5. Ok, so I spent a bit more time thumbing through the pages of my catalog and I found a few pieces that I might need beyond the Burberry shoes (adorable!). I just returned from placing my pre-order with my favorite SA at Nordstrom.

    Page 3 Black Chelsea skinny pant from Joe's
    Page 3 Black suede peep-toe bootie from BCBG
    Page 9 Black stretch twill leggings from Rag & Bone
    Page 50 Hanky Panky low-rise thongs (my all time absolute favorites)
    Page 59 Tiered chiffon dress from Fire
    Not shown in catalog Spanx tight-end cropped tights (love these!)

    I might not end up keeping a lot of these. I know i will be keeping the undies, and I hope either the black leggings or skinny pants fit. It seems like black skinny pants/leggings are a theme this year. They are offering many options along those lines this year. And of course, I will cry if the Burbbery ballet flats don't fit. (I know the wedges will for sure.).