Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Whatdidja Get?

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  1. I got the Treesje Marley in turquoise. I was tempted to also get it in grey.

    Did you get a new bag at the Anniversary sale?
  2. Got a necklace, thinking of getting another one. No new bag though :angel:
  3. I got a Juicy Couture Leather purse in a gorgous jewl tone purple. I also got the wallet that goes with it.

    In addition i got the Michael Kors leather clutch/wallet in black. Love it!
  4. The Sorial Hobo in Banana. Ordered online along with a pair of Keens for my little guy. Oooh sooo excited :yahoo:about the bag!!
  5. i didn't get anything but i love nordies and am glad others are finding goodies!
  6. I got a whole lotta nothing so far! I have four items sitting in my cart but I am on a ban, so I'm going to wait it out and see whether I crack first or the items run out of stock. :P

    Congrats to those who found something to love! :yahoo:
  7. No bags, I did not care for anything in my local store's bag dept. I did buy a leather jacket, and 4 pair of (size 10 woohoo!!!!) jeans, a couple tops, a pair of earrings, and some makeup.
  8. I got the Burberry tote but now I'm returning. The dang handles were squeaking too much! I've never had a bag made that much noise. Is it made out of PVC? I didn't even bother looking. I was just disappointed. I was going to use today for the first time and it drove me crazy when I walked around the house with it.
  9. I love how this bag looks! And it looks like the color you ordered is sold out now, so great find!
  10. If you missed out on something at Nordies anniversary sale, flex your fingers and check the website or your local store. Many things seems to have come through the return to regular prices only to go on sale again. I just got that JPK zip wallet and that Sorial bag (in blue velvet, better described as almost purple) at less than anniversary sale prices.

    My local Nordies also put tons of bags on sale this week.
  11. got the grey treesje marley. gorgeous bag and the color is beautiful with the studs :smile:
  12. HOLY...!! I never knew about this sale. Daaaaaaaaang it! *cries*
    *pouts* sigh, it's all right. I will wait for their Half-Yearly sale to occur in a few months. Come on, come on, come on. *cries more*

  13. will do! Thanks for the info.