Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Pre Sale starts today 7/5!!!

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  1. hi - super bummed that i missed the half yearly sale but the anniversary pre-sale starts today and will last through 7/13.

    The only MJ handbag i see on sale from the catalogue is the 'Karlie' shoulder bag.

    Marked down to $866.9 from $1,295

    If anyone else has any other information to add i'd appreciate it!
  2. They have a Karlie in Red, Black and Nude, and a version of the Single. The Karlie is a bit less deep (4" vs 6" I believe) and doesn't have the outside back pocket. I don't know very much about the Single, except that it has a zipper closure instead of a flap.

    Also, the bags will probably sell out in presale. Our Norstrom sold out of both today.

  3. Thank you for the info. Do you happen to know what colors the single is available in?

    Also, does anyone know if any MBMJ bags are included in the sale?
  4. This Nordstroms Karlie also doesn't have a lock in the front.
  5. This Nordstroms Karlie also doesn't have a lock in the front.
  6. And it doesn't have the leather intertwined in the chain. I pre-ordered the red which is GORGEOUS, but since I already have the red Stam I changed it to the blush.
  7. I didn't know that it came in red. I'm sure that's lovely. I preordered a Burberry tote with red patent trim. Curious to see the single.
  8. I saw the Burberry tote you are getting - pretty! I wish I didn't delete the e-mail that my SA sent. It showed everything that is going on sale. I didn't see a Single, so maybe they added this after the list came out.
  9. Does anyone know if MBMJ is on sale too? Is presale available online? Thanks
  10. Just wanted to share my new MJ bag, I love it!!! My SA said the blush and red bags sold out last night. I was lucky to get this one. Sorry the pics are so large, and not the best I havent removed the plastic from the handles yet, and Im in my PJs!
  11. Love the red! Is the leather lacqured?
  12. that is stunning! and i much prefer the pushlock to the padlock. congrats!
  13. It's actually the Vanessa that's on sale. They called it the 'Vanessa Simple Single'

    It comes in Red, Blush and Black

    I'm curious to know too if the Karlie is lacquered...their online anniversary catalogue doesn't look like it.. but sassc's pic of the red looks lacquered!

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  14. Looks great! Loving the Red! :biggrin:

    Are they calling this the Poppy colour like the mini stam for FW11? or is this a different red? What does it say on the tag? Thanks!
  15. I got the Vanessa at Saks and it is a very small crossbody bag - smaller than the Single. Thinking about returning it as I'm not 100% in love with it but the price was great! Hope this helps.