Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kicks Off!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Fall's hottest styles are making their debut right now & for a short time they're on sale! Find irresistible clothes, shoes, accessories & outerwear for women, men and kids.

    Click HERE to shop Nordstrom!
  2. does anybody have a free shipping code for any amount? thanks!
  3. Nordstrom doesn't have free shipping codes right now, but all orders more than $200 always have free shipping. Level 2 cardholders and above also receive free shipping.
  4. I will not buy more DVF....I will not buy more DVF (as I add the dress and top to my cart)
  5. Woo, i ordered:


    2) (in peacoat)

    3) (in antler)

    4) (in fig)

    5) (in pewter)

    Grand total of $300.50
    SAVINGS - $139.40!
    Plus free shipping.
    Just gotta go pick it up in the US!

    Technically i even saved more, those Cordy uggs are $220 in Canada!

    Now i just hope my two sweaters i ordered fit! I was debating between small and medium, boo!
  6. #7 Jul 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    Oh, I got that cute Tory Burch sweater in leopard print! Leopard is still so hot this fall...this will go perfectly with my Bottega Veneta copper rame bag!
  7. Oh no, two sweaters i ordered from Rubbish in a small... i hope its okay?!?
  8. For reference I am 5'8, 115 lbs 34A bust. I tried on the Smalls but they were way too tight when I put my arms forward and in the chest because they do not stretch like Hoodies. The Medium was still a little tight, but the Large was perfect. It was baggier, but still looked like I was wearing a Medium and had enough room to move around. Hope that helped!
  9. why they sold out so fast? all the jeans I really want...they all GONE :sad:
  10. #12 Jul 17, 2009
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    I was in the mood to spend, but blah... not much caught my eye. I ended up with a pair of Uggs because I couldn't walk out empty-handed. I got the Mayfaire Boot, very comfy and more flattering than the standard Ugg. :tup:
  11. I'm not getting that jacket you got but two sweaters from that company? Have you tried their sweaters? I posted the links above.
  12. I tried the sweaters and you will be OK. They are stretchy and I would get a Small too.
  13. I'm so excited. I scored this Treesje in Purple and a really cute Gibson jacket in Slate..........

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