Nordstrom Anniversary Sale July 14!

  1. All, I LIVE for this sale...but after looking through the mailer I didn't see anything that really grabbed me :crybaby: . Well, maybe some boots :yes: . Anyone see anything amazing I might have missed?
  2. OK...I'm now eyeing the True Religion "billy" jeans - oh yeah!!
  3. did anyone happen to see sunglasses in the mailer or remember there being some last year? if so, what were the prices like?
  4. I just looked through the mailer again and no sunnies...probably because this is new fall merchandise? But check their website once the sale starts...there is a ton more stuff than they show in the mailers!
  5. How Does It Work, Whats On Sale , Everything?
  6. Minnie, they bring in a lot of new fall stuff and temporarily mark it down. Once the sale ends (July 31st), these new items go back to their normal price.

    Basically ... lots of new fall goods in every department at reduced prices.
  7. OOoh I can't wait! Nordie's anniversary sale is like a Bday present every year since my bday is in mid July!! :yahoo:
  8. Are there True Relgions on sale also?? I would love a new pair of Joey stretch. Can you order them online?? Sorry for all the questions! This is exciting news!
  9. yhassan, they are only featuring this one particular pair of True Religions on sale. The Billy style ... it's more of a straighter leg style.

    They'll be available in the stores and online because they're featured in a Nordstrom sale catalog that was just sent out. You might get it in the mail if you get Nordstrom mailings.
  10. may be i'll get some jeans...
  11. anyone know how much the jeans will be for?
  12. I think I saw jeans in the $109.90 price range.
  13. They do have sunnies on sale. I took a look at their sale merch and they had some Kate Spade, Kors, and some other ones. The SA said they have not received their Gucci sunnies yet.
  14. ^^ The only thing I don't like about their sunglasses during this sale is they bring in these styles just for the sale, and they never seem to be the most popular styles from the line.

    Like you aren't going to find the Gucci horsebit or the Chanel 5076H -- those classic styles that everybody seems to want.

    At least that's how it is with my store.
  15. Are there any decent coats this year?