Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Clover bag

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  1. I went to check out the presale rooms for this year's Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It's not in the catalog that was mailed, but the Coach bag in the sale is the Clover e/w bag in mahogany (dark brown), orchid (purple) and silver (pearlized light gray, not metallic). It's just under $200 for the sale, regular price $298. It's a nice simple bag, but the leather is pretty thin, similar to the smoother leathers in the new Ali line. It has the round op art C charm and can be worn crossbody, or you can double the strap to wear as a shoulder bag. There was a W on the creed after the style number. I'm not sure what that stands for, probably something to do with Coach making the bags exclusively(?) for this sale.

    There are also signature Coach sneakers with Poppy pattern trim around the ankles - the multi-color C's, the gray leopard print, and maybe another one I forgot. There's also a cute khaki signature flat. I think it had a driving shoe sole. Sorry, I can't remember the shoe prices offhand.

    The sale starts July 17. Depending on how strict your local store is, you may need a Nordstrom card to reserve stuff during the presale now (it's supposed to be level 2 and up). Some stores don't care about that so your mileage may vary.
  2. The bags are on the Japan site. The mahogany has a different style number there for some reason.


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  3. Oh, for those who want to match with their Sabrinas and Maggies, I just remembered they also had Madison wristlets in patent graphite and cobalt there. They're not part of the sale. I guess they are department store exclusives.
  4. Now I'll definetly have to go
  5. That one clover bag i got the canvas was very very thin on it too. I love Clover 12880 i think it is. Im thinking about it. Love the style.

  6. Hi ozmodiar
    Thanks for the info!
    Do you happen to see the larger clovers at the Nordstrom you checked out? Because I just ordered this one from JAX, if it's really on sale at Nordstrom, I guess I am returning it.

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  7. Sweet! I would love this bag on sale!
  8. No, I only saw the smaller e/w bag in leather.
  9. Awesome I have a Nordstrom next door I will check it out.
  10. OP

    Did they have any signature Clover styles on sale or just leathers?
  11. Just the leather for that one style. If Coach is limiting the Clover line to certain tourist areas in the US, Nordstrom probably isn't getting any other styles.

    The new stuff in this sale is usually supposed to be exclusive to Nordstrom and stores get a limited amount, so if anyone's interested in the e/w leather bag, you should buy it as soon as you can. Sometimes things will sell out during the presale.

  12. Just went to check out presale, there is not a single Coach item for some reason :sad:
    Asked the lady and she had no idea what I was talking about :sad:
    Does it mean it's all sold out?! All Coach iteams!
  13. ^ no it just mean your store dont carried it.. you can try getting other store to do presale for you
  14. I was really tempted to get it too, but the thin leather kind of turned me off. The price is excellent, but I thought about what kind of boutique deletes that $200 can buy at the outlet and I think I'd rather spend the money there.

    I do really like the crossbody option and the colors though, especially the orchid.