Nordstrom anniversary sale catalog

  1. In today's mail I got a catalog for the Nordstrom anniversary sale. There is a shoulder satchel in carmel glazed leather by someone named Helen Welsh that is going to be on sale for $159.90 (after the sale $248) when the sale starts on 7/14. Here is a link to the purse on the Nordstrom web site:

    I think I would like this bag but would have to see it in person. Has anyone ever heard or owned anything by Helen Welsh?

    There are 12 handbags on sale that I counted in this catalog. Peggy
  2. I don't know if this is a Nordies house brand, but I've never seen them anywhere but Nordstrom. That said, they seem okay, but definitely overpriced at full retail. IMHO they look better in pics than in person, but it varies from bag to bag. I'd definitely try to see it IRL before buying.
  3. IMO glazed leather isn't the most durable, but all you really risk is the $5 shipping from them to you and possible return postage/insurance if you don't like it. Nordstrom's seems to be the most reasonable on their shipping, and they're certainly fab about returns.
  4. is this a one-time anniversary sale? and how does it work? i also got a mailer today. from some of the other threads, I got the sense that this is a regular sale - but does this mean that they celebrate their anniversary every year? and how does this relate to their current sale that is in progress?

    thank you!
  5. I've seen those bags. They're fine; cute; seems well-made. I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from Nordstrom. They are wonderful, and they will always return or make an item right if you don't like it.
  6. Nordstrom has an anniversary sale every year in mid July. I only know this from when I was a cosmetic addict and this time of year they release all these special high end cosmetic products (for example Mac palettes for lips and eyes) that no other store has or ever gets, the products are made specifically for Nordstrom and specifically for this anniversary sale. People who love cosmetics will talk about what Nordstrom is going to have for this sale for months beforehand.

    This is different than the half yearly sales they do. That's all I am sure of.

    Since I live near Seattle there are quite a few Nordstroms real near me so I am just going to go the store in person to see the bag and find out if I like it in person. Peggy
  7. Thank you! it sounds like lots of fun...too bad there are no nordstroms where i live...:sad:
  8. Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale happens every July.

    It is a sale of some of the new, incoming Fall stock. It covers all departments. Merchandise is offered at a lower price for the duration of the sale, then goes up to regular price after that.
  9. I have seen the bags in store for anniversary sale already and the ones that were on that table were not all that great IMO. The coach bags were nice though and even better at 33 percent off.

  10. That's odd. In all the years I have been shopping at Nordstrom and going to the Anniversary Sale, I have never seen them put the Anniversary Sale merchandise out prior to the sale. In fact, they shut down early the night before to get everything ready. You can do pre-sales, but I have never seen them put the merchandise out or let you have it until the day the sale starts...which this year is the 14th.

    They do have tables full of old stock on sale at the moment, though. That has been going on for several weeks now. Perhaps that is what you saw?
  11. there are some pretty cute boots in the catalog. maybe i will go there on the 14th
  12. I agree there were some cute boots so I may check those out plus the TR jeans. Generally I love shopping this sale online because I avoid the crowds and the service/returns is always excellent! :yahoo:
  13. do you know if they will have other TR jeans for sale or just the style in the book?
  14. No, I was asked by my SA to come see the showcase. I went for Handbags, shoes, perfume, and clothes. So that's how I saw it. Then I went and looked in the look book after I looked at the bags in the showcase. I didn't see anything of substance other than the MJ and coach bags.

    Not odd at all. Stores let you look at the merchandise beforehand if you spend money. I live in Nordstrom so they might as well get me a cot because I'm there 24/7.
  15. My guess is just the style in the book...last year they did the same thing with Antik Denim - just one style. I'd check out online or IRL once sale starts (July 14!) to make sure.