Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022


Dec 8, 2010
I just had this happen to me with a Nike hoodie from the sale. The first one I got was sealed but when I opened it the hood had brown spots all over it. Returned and ordered a replacement, same thing. I even tried to get the the spots out and they didn’t budge.

I’m glad I am able to ask my fellow shoppers, because I think Nordstrom is making me crazy. If I open something that is sealed it should be perfect. But nope!


Nov 7, 2006
I don’t think it was but it has been in the past if I remember correctly. I always hope there will be something from them in the sale as it’s one of my favorite handbag brands!
Mine too! I think I have more MZ Wallace bags than any other brands. But I have found it's not easy to resell when I'm done using it.
Jun 27, 2019
I just took the Julia Jordan halter jumpsuit I purchased during the sale out of the plastic garment bag it came in and noticed there are stains all around the neck area in the front and stains on the back. I am going to take it into the store to see if they can clean them off (the tag says dry cleaning only) but if they don't come out, I am going to ask them to exchange this for another at the anniversary sale price. Has anyone done this and they allowed you to exchange at the sale price?

You should ask for an exchange. I would not want a new item that has already been dry cleaned. They can not ask you to pay more for the exchange


Apr 16, 2011
Got a popback on the Wolf Caroline jewelry box in ivory after my cancellation on the order I had places right when icon sale started. Arrived yesterday and it is mismarked - says ivory on box and is pink not ivory. I had also ordered pink just in case before the ivory popped back so now i have 2 pink ones, 0 ivory. Also it is very large like a rollaboard suitcase size almost. Sadly i think both will be returned. I need something smaller but at this point don’t want to deal with another order!
the pottery barn mckenna line of jewelry boxes are great and can find on sale

they are now all made by Wolf for PB

have a few in different sizes and my older ones (20 years+ old) do not say wolf but they are in perfect condition

if want smaller look at PB large (my fave) or medium size as the giant one is heavy + huge and have slight issue with giant b/c the bottom level is a pull out snap closed case for necklaces, think meant for travel but no way would ever use that to travel

don't recommend stackers unless you want to put in a pull out drawer but then mind as well go for amazon as stackers from container store are not leather


Lily's Mom

Jun 19, 2019
I’ve finished my final set of returns today. Here is everything I purchased during NAS and keeping.

There are a lot of items that were not included in the sale like the shoes but it was a good discounted price.

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Nice haul - I really like that Cashmere throw - was that part of the sale? I clearly didn't spend enough time in the home section. I pretty much bought the Moccamaster and started looking at clothes.

Lily's Mom

Jun 19, 2019
Received my last two purchases. The Joseph Seibel shoe boots in brown they are a simple style but so comfy and easy to get on and off - happy with them. Nordstrom sizing notes it runs small but it was true to size for me in size 9M. And the Vince tunic sweater in tide pool. My best guess in sizing worked out great - not too big and not too small. I can see why people like the brand. My first time buying Vince and the quality seems to be there (you never know until you've worn something a few times) and the fabrication is wonderful. I have a couple more Vince sweaters I'm leaving in my wish list in case they get marked down later. I finished up with my returns today at the post office. They are going to wonder what happened to me next week when I don't show up with another box. I definitely had more returns this year but also purchased more too. Was very happy with what I ended up with this year. Have a great weekend everyone.


May 18, 2012
The anniversary Coach Cassies have been randomly showing back up but now at the $350 instead of the sale price of $199.
Some people have been buying them and selling them for $100-150 more than retail (Poshmark, Mercari, etc).
I noticed that too! I really like the cream/off white colourblocked one but there's no way I'd spend full price on it, let alone a reseller's markup.