Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022


Apr 5, 2009
While supply issues are frustrating, I think customer service has really slipped. I’ve been a Nordys card holder since ‘85. I recently placed an online order for something costing $500.00. Not only did it arrive in obviously damaged condition, but the security tag was still attached. The real kicker was that included in the box was a pair of cashmere joggers I never ordered, with a $995 price tag. This meant that I had to make a trip to my local physical store to return everything, including the $995 item sent to me in error and for which I wasn’t charged. I asked to speak to the Manager; her response was pretty lackluster (she said “oh, they must have thought the $995 item went with what you ordered.”) The items were returned, but I thought that given the multiple mistakes and hassle, and my honesty in returning something for which I was never charged, the Manager could have at least done something like offer to pay for a cup of coffee at the coffee bar. I guess I no longer look forward to the Anniversary sale the way I always did in the past.
I've had random items that I didn't order end up in my order. I don't recall how long ago it was, but definitely precovid I placed a huge order first day of the sale online. I kept getting emails that items I picked were sold out and took 2 weeks to get anything (usually I'll get stuff relatively quick like 2-4 days). When stuff started coming it was raining locusts they sent me what was still in stock 5 times. I returned them I had a employee come to my car with a dolly to help bring it all in. The manager was pretty indifferent to the mistake and was more concerned about it messing up with their inventory. She's like I can't even scan the duplicate items as a return because you were only charged once for them. As if I inconvenienced her by returning the extra 4 orders of stuff. After that experience I figured eff it, I will never do that again. If I get something I didn't order I'm just going to donate it.
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Jul 13, 2017
Hello everyone! So glad this thread is back! I am starting my shopping list of basics from the sale NOW! My favorite item from last year’s sale was an Eileen Fisher long cardigan in a teal color. Nearly wore it to death! It was a nice diversion from my usual black and gray. Please post your favorites from the sale.
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