Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

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  1. #1673 Jul 11, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
    Hi everyone! It's finally that time of year again, the much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 early access begins today!!

    We know this thread is one of the most popular every year and we want to make it easy for all of you to share your purchases with one another and get everyone excited :party:

    When sharing your purchases or items you are considering, please post a link to the article on Nordstrom's site in this thread. We are going to be updating this post with your favorite items shopped from the sale, too.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: We are giving away FIVE $200 giftcards to 5 different tPFers. Here is the post that shares how to enter. Good luck and happy shopping!

    Support tPF and shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by using this link!

    Here are some of most talked about items right now:

    Leith Ribbed Shawl Cocoon Sweater
    Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan
    Zella Live In High Waist Leggings
    BLANKNYC Moto Jacket
    Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneaker
    Adidas Flashback Sneaker
    Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Tote
    MCM Sara Leather Convertible Hobo
    Diptyque Candle Set
  2. I also tried the link, the first time it said page not found tried it again it said that offer is expired. I wonder if they’re making you call in to get the deal because most people won’t do it out of laziness. That way they can minimize how many take advantage of the offer. Dose anyone else have any info on it? I also logged into my account and they didn’t have any info there about it.
  3. I agree!! I can’t find the Joie pants and lots of Zella, but no high-emeaust live-in full length
  4. Ah was hoping for some other colors like the backpack pink or navy, gracias!
  5. Thank you so much for sharing these links! I received my catalog in the mail and other than the Philosophy Purity set I buy every year, I saw nada and I have a bunch of gift cards to spend!! The lookbook had a bunch of things I like... Paul Green loafers, cute Ugg wedge boots, KS sunnies, Shinola watch.. my list went from zero to omg... my cc is gonna be smokin'!
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  6. Thanks for posting. I’m a bit disappointed in the handbags the only one I liked was the white mvm bag and when I looked it up the dimensions are too big. No cute backpacks.
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  7. Were there more previous years? The selection seems kind of limited. I wonder if they have more yet to be posted. Great selection of leggings and some cute boots plus my beauty favorites from Kiehl’s and Philosophy but other areas are lacking. Perhaps we will learn more closer to start.
  8. Also has anyone tried nuface? I was reading about electricity being used in facials to help with aging. They suggested this as a at home treatment because those facials are really pricey. I’m half interested in it as preventive measure. I feel like I’m pretty good for my age but I would like to maintain what I have I’m most concerned about my chin/neck area. I don’t want my double chin to turn into a turkey gobble. My weight has fluctuated and I feel like this is where it shows the most on me.
  9. I feel like this area has seriously lacked for years they used to have high end designers. Then the high end designers started producing hideous bags that even at sale prices no one wanted. Then they stopped them and only started with contemporary brands and the selection is pretty limited. In the past I got a Marc Jacobs quilted bag for $600 normally $1000. This was back when MJ was still really popular once he dropped the quilted bags his brand hasn’t been the same. But in the past they had bags by Burberry and Chloe. I guess that’s why I’m always so disappointed in the handbags when the sale comes out.
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  10. We haven’t gotten Burberry bags since 2015 *cries* and they took away Burberry scarves too smdh.

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    I think it depends on what results you are expecting. If used faithfully on a daily basis it will show some improvement. It’s not a miracle worker but safe and somewhat effective. You will receive better results using a professional but this is a cost effective option. From all I have read it’s safe. I know I am not the only doctor on the forum so they might have more insight as this isn’t my specialty. While these types of treatments improve muscle tone a good quality retinol like Skinmedica can help with collagen production which might address your issues better. If you have sensitive skin start out with a .25% solution and you can work your way up as your skin tolerates. This is just my personal opinion.
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  12. Thank you for the information. Very helpful
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  13. I totally agree! I was hoping for a Chloe crossbody or a Burberry Tote. I might watch for other sales. Nothing is really singing to me.
  14. And where are the James Perse items? Also missing a Marc Jacobs cardigan. All of which were in my wish list. Hope they weren’t removed
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  15. Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately my skin is very sensitive and I tried retinol a for my cystic acne and it was horribly painful. So to be honest I’d be too scared to try it again.
  16. I recommend consulting a dermatologist to guide and monitor any products you might want to try with your history if you haven’t already. Skinmedica is a favorite of dermatologists and most of my colleagues, both male and female, use this brand! It has hard science to back it up which is spot on. This device does help with toning to a degree but to ward off aging signs like lines and wrinkles you will need some quality products especially with your sensitivity. For your neck and chin I don’t think you will get the results that you are looking for. I wish you luck no matter what you decide. Hopefully one of the other forum doctors will weigh in. Dermatology isn’t my specialty but I do read all the literature for my own aging issues. I’m older so I definitely try and read as much as I can. Again I wish you good luck in finding the right products/devices for you!
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