Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

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  1. Good question! I'm not seeing them either and I looked through all of the women's clothing links??
  2. Great picks! I was excited for the Zella as well, seems like a good selection to chose from!!
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  3. Well, there goes my evening thanks so much for sharing these— I’m finally starting to get excited!
  4. OMG- me too!
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  5. It is like stuff was missing from the first look book sent out
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  6. i was told the same regarding burberry.
  7. #682 Jun 30, 2018
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    Thank you so much for sharing all the links! There is a lot I want to check out that eventually I just stopped making a list of the items and just made lists of brands and categories. I added more dresses, a couple pairs of jeans, basically all the Zella leggings, some more shoes, and jewelry (I am liking the Kate Spade elephant earrings). I still really need to par down my list, but I am thinking some of the items I really like I already have in my closest...but the newness is entrancing me, hehe.

    Still trying to figure what would be the hot items for the sale. Any ideas?
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  8. I asked that earlier and still can’t decide. Like last year it was the Burberry sweatshirt and the Kate Spade sneakers. This year I figure the MCM stuff will go, it always does. I think the Tom Ford makeup will go quick. Spoke to a SA today who said he already had 4 people preorder it. As for clothes, who knows.
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  9. I usually do not book an appointment for the sale, as I like to just shop on my own. But this year, I decided to book an appointment for my level 4 day just to make sure I got the pink MCM backpack, haha. But the SA told me they had tons of the backpack in the back and did not expect it to sell out the first few days. Darn, I should have asked to look at it to know if I really like it. I was not planning on getting any handbag this sale since I bought a few during the designer clearance at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, but I really like the color. I am a sucker for anything pink, especially pastel pink (I have everything in the sale that comes in this color marked on my list, haha).
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  10. I was kind of disappointed but not surprised.
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  11. Does anyone know what other colors the mcm visetos tote comes in besides red?

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  12. Red & black
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  13. Thanks for sharing the lookbooks!!

    Does anyone know where hats are? I haven't been able to find any. TIA!
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  14. They have 2 silicone deco style - in white and grey, both with silver trim. They diamond watch in the catalog also comes in all gold, silver and silver/rose gold (not all diamonds like the one in the catalog but some diamonds - I think these were about $1100).

  15. YESSS!!!! You are the best!! Thank you for posting these!!!!
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