Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

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  1. I ordered all of these: IMG_1531506917.201946.jpg IMG_1531506926.200672.jpg IMG_1531506933.670526.jpg
  2. Did anyone try the blanknyc cloud nine drape jacket on in store? I initially bought it in Merlot and then after seeing bloggers wearing the tan (Mt. Rushmore) decided to get that one too since it seemed way better looking than the website pictures. I bought both in large because I didn’t want the sleeves to be too tight, but now I’m worried that I should have gotten medium as well. For reference, I wear a medium in the bfd circle cardi and the sleeves on that are snug on me but ok because of the stretchiness (I definitely can’t wear a long sleeve shirt under the circle cardi though). Was I right in getting the large? Does anyone know if it runs big or small? The only bloggers I’ve seen post about it wear an XS or S and they said it was true to size, but I’ve never gotten anything from blanknyc before so I’m not sure what that means for me. Thanks!
  3. It will show if you log in to the Nordstrom card website, and also in the rewards screen in the iOS app (under the account tab).
  4. Darn! Thanks for checking. I’ll probably be returning. I’ve been trying to find the perfect wallet to use with my diaper bag and I don’t like any of the ones I have tried so far.
  5. Hi @youngster! I brought this up to CS last night and they confirmed that the items showing up as backordered was due to a technical glitch. They then force-sent the order confirmation email and told me all my items were actually in stock. Hope this will be the same experience for you!!
  6. If it works like last year when you make a payment on your credit card that amount applies first to any balance that has an interest rate. You pay off all the interest rate purchases first with payments and then it starts applying to 0% purchases. It was a change in the banking laws recently.
  7. Wonderful! Thanks for the explanation!
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  8. My order was processed on the 12th and I paid for 2 day shipping. It shipped the 13th so when am I supposed to get it? My ups choice shows July 16 but that’s more than 2 days. Is it because of the weekend?
  9. Hi everyone! We promised a giveaway and it is here! We are going to be giving away FIVE $200 gift cards to different tPF members. Entering is super easy, it involves posting in this thread. We will be drawing someone randomly every few days until the sale is over.

    To Enter: Post in THIS thread.

    Qualifying Posts: Share what you ordered or are interested in ordering and include links to those products. Your post with links to the items will count as your entry in that giveaway period. No winners will be repeated, but you can enter in each of the 5 cycles.

    Each winner will have the choice of either a Visa Giftcard or a Nordstrom Giftcard.

    Day winners will be announced: July 16, July 21, July 25, July 30, August 5th. Winners will be announced in this thread and PMd privately to set up the giftcard.
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  12. I tried on Mt Rushmore and Merlot in store. I liked them better in person than online. The arms weren't too tight and under your arm is stretchy material so that probably helps. I believe it was TTS. I didn't take them home because I had already ordered them online.

    I hope that your previous posts (prior to your announcement) count as we took a lot of time giving information and names of items, etc!
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  13. Ooh just saw the giveaway post! Here we go... I'm still building my cart because things keep selling out from under me :sad:

    Caslon asymmetrical jacket (I feel like they make some version of this every year, and every year it is so good. I still wear the heather ivory one I bought several years ago)

    Treasure & Bond off the shoulder sweater (Undecided about color, but a moot point for now since it's sold out already)

    Treasure & Bond athletic stripe cardigan (Not sure if I love the sleeves, but I like that it's a bit 70s without being over the top trendy)

    Hinge lettuce edge top (Seems a little overpriced for what it is even at the sale price, but I just love the hem detail)

    I got a leather jacket during last year's sale so I'm sitting this one out, although I love the olive suede BlankNYC option they have right now. I haven't seen any shoes I want so tempt me with mod pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Me, too. And I placed my order yesterday afternoon at 4pm PDT. Also STILL no confirmation email.

    But I placed an order this morning, and got the confirmation email literally two minutes later! Huh????
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