Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

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    Hi everyone! It's finally that time of year again, the much anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 early access begins today!!

    We know this thread is one of the most popular every year and we want to make it easy for all of you to share your purchases with one another and get everyone excited :party:

    When sharing your purchases or items you are considering, please post a link to the article on Nordstrom's site in this thread. We are going to be updating this post with your favorite items shopped from the sale, too.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT: We are giving away FIVE $200 giftcards to 5 different tPFers. Here is the post that shares how to enter. Good luck and happy shopping!

    Support tPF and shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by using this link!

    Here are some of most talked about items right now:

    Leith Ribbed Shawl Cocoon Sweater
    Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Circle Cardigan
    Zella Live In High Waist Leggings
    BLANKNYC Moto Jacket
    Vince Cantara Slip-On Sneaker
    Adidas Flashback Sneaker
    Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Tote
    MCM Sara Leather Convertible Hobo
    Diptyque Candle Set
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  2. I love that cardigan. I wish my skin tone would let me wear pinks and reds, but I just have too much red undertone to pull it off. That shade of pink is ridiculously gorgeous.
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  3. Just curious, did you get out via chat or phone? If that's the case, I'll stop trying to add to my cart and checking out. Definitely am going to call about all of this since it just wastes my triple points day.
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  5. 369154D1-8273-4F7F-B82D-B80D67A1A3BC.jpeg FF535F99-2594-44EE-B665-A4D6EA8D1980.jpeg C559B85B-38AF-4232-A70D-808501722854.jpeg 334B10FF-BA01-4B8F-8C14-2EABCBF4DC07.jpeg 8F719A3D-FF84-4D59-8086-958869325D81.jpeg 4BF8E48E-CCB5-476E-B5E1-0B105FD0B559.jpeg Just returned from my appointment at the store. Here is what I purchased:
  6. It's too high for me lol, but I love the gold too!
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  7. A question, while we're all waiting to check out.
    I'm trying to decide between the Neulash Brown Enhancing Serum and the RevitaLash Brow Enhancing Serum. Both have two-for-one specials. Anyone have a recommendation? Neulash has a little comb/brush thingy at the top, but is that really any sort of a big whoop?
  8. Don't see anything I want bad enough to attempt online ordering. Will go to a store at some point this weekend and have a look around. I used to go crazy at this sale but now a combo of being more selective, already having a lot of stuff, and the merchandise not being as desirable or well priced have curbed my Nordy spending.
  9. I placed 5 orders last night (with about 5 items in each order). 2 have shipped via UPS. After seeing that Leith I want one, but I can't get through. It's kicked me out several times and even sent me a code via email to make sure it was really me. Sigh. I expect better from Nordstrom.

    Actually, early this morning. I'm just so tired, it felt like yesterday...
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  10. For those of you who did One Day Express Ship....I *just* got my ship confirmation from my 3:30amEST order...and it was a big one (17 items). So hang in there!
  11. Mine showed up after ~20 minutes and out of order (last order showing as having been placed first, etc.). They are also in the Delivered status, which I assume will be sorted out once they fix this clusterf*ck.
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  12. I did the unthinkable and bought the Tom Ford palette after seeing how gourgeous the colors are and seeing they had two left. Hopefully it’s as good as people say. The small lipsticks are fab too. The pink one is especially nice.

    Also bought the elemis moisturizer duo, kiehls creme de corps, philosophy orange pineapple smoothie set for DD, Nike’s for everyone.

    I bought my must haves this am, but I was not pleased with the madewell boots in person. They were hard and cheap looking. Bought two pair of ugg loafers and some Italian flat boots that weren’t part of the sale. May snap a few pics in store in a bit
  13. oh and UPS says it’s arriving tomorrow :biggrin:
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  15. My Tory Burch bag from 2am just shipped. My 2:30am order is still processing. I tried placing a big order on the app when my account was saying it was locked on the computer. I kept getting the error "Can't connect right now." I was able to see my order history though and that order is there. I placed it 3 times, so hopefully it only took once. I also just placed a 4th order with no problems.

    Edited to add: I've been hearing great things about the Ugg mocs. I assumed they were cheap slippers because they didn't have the lining, but apparently they are "real" shoes and really nice. I got the chestnut and the grey.
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  16. Ugh so many things I want but don't need! Maybe I should stay away from this thread so I don't get accidentally inspired! Lol!
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