Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Thread

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  2. Same for me! But you know I live in nor cal too.
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  3. Indeed 2018 will be here before we know it. *big hugs*

    Thank you so much!!

    Yes the hunt was real for me to get that pink for symbolic reasons and in the end I got it the ladies were so helpful!! Thank you so much for your kind words!!
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  4. I've been lurking on this forum for years and have so enjoyed reading all of your posts...sharing the frustrations of the AS along with all of the highs that come along with getting an amazing score. Thanks to all of you fellow shoppers who make me feel normal for going a little crazy this time of year!!!! I always go into the sale with a budget but somehow no matter how hard I try it never happens....this 10X points threw me over. I believe I've placed at least 5 different orders....and I'm still considering more ~ help!!! Thanks again for all of the smiles and making this sale so much more fun.
  5. I'm so glad that it ultimately worked out for you. Best of luck in your new job, with your great new splurge statement pumps; bet they look terrific!
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  6. That's right! Maybe we really ARE in the boondocks??? :lol:
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that! I loved following your posts last year and your search for the pink BFD (did you ever find that?)
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  8. I'm really having second thoughts on the Burberry Funnel coat as it was popular and sold out. It fit perfectly at the store, but the color seemed like more a rusty red? Maybe it was just me?
  9. :sad: I can't seem to find a lot of what people are talking about. I try to search on Nordstrom but can't find. Even if it's sold out I'd like to put on wishlist.

    Can you provide a link or specific name? I want to see what you got. I love cardigans.
  10. I hope someone high up from Nordstrom is following this thread, and they reach out to you right away. Such brilliant and practical ideas--you are a marketing maven
  11. I agree, this should be posted on their Facebook page.
  12. Yes, I hate the way things disappear when they are out of stock. I have many things saved in the wrong size just so I can have them there to remind me.
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  13. I just checked my account today. I got the 10 points and my triple points day back. FYI - I didn't call customer service to have it done. It was done automatically. :smile:
  14. I live in the bay area as well. All of the orders I placed at midnight and the following day, are scheduled for delivery later this week. But the sunglasses they ordered for me when i I was in the Walnut Creek store in Friday afternoon, are being delivered today. That's ok. With this 100 degree heat, I don't even have a desire to try on the boots and jackets i ordered. ☺
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  16. I just checked and me too!
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