Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Thread

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  2. Hugs to you!
  3. Aww man, really sorry to hear that. Your purchase mentions were really helpful last year. Hope everything is okay now.
  4. Keeping my finger crossed for the jumpsuit!!
  5. Omigosh- you are a retail goddess in my book! Oh please let the powers that be hear your siren song!
  6. Oh sorry to hear this- obviously you have a good sense of priorities. Always next year- it's only stuff!
  7. I'm sorry to hear this. I never commented last year, but I read all the posts, and I remember your search for the pink BFD cardigan. I loved reading about your purchases and feeling your excitement. Sending you comfort and I hope your year only gets better and happier.
  8. So glad to hear this- I did buy a few pair this year- they sold out in my size last year so they were a bit of HTH this go-around. I saw them in store and agree they are a somewhat heavy for summer but will be great with a long cardi for fall and winter.
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  9. I have the items I have received and purchased in store folded neatly in a box waiting for a decision. I did start a bag this morning for returns.
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  10. Indeed!!
  11. Thank you so much Bella!
  12. Thank you so much *big hugs!*
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  13. Thank you Gail! Appreciate all you ladies wonderful support and encouragement!!
  14. Oh I never wear leggings in the summer! I'd spontaneously combust
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  15. Thank you Chica!
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  16. Funnily enough I'm in the Bay Area! Maybe it's just this part of the country then.
    I know exactly what you mean by the "suuuuuuuper cuuuuute"

    After the bad experience I took a walk and then decided to salvage the day and just shop by myself. I found amazing salon pumps in my size (yay!).

    And then I actually ran into an SA who had helped me with makeup about 18 months ago but now works in clothing! But she recognized me and I told her about my ****ty experience. She was an absolute rockstar!! She pulled together a room for me and was able to find me a Halogen suit (in my size! so much for that), couple of dresses, and tops and pants.
    She even found me a better pair of statement pumps and I got the splurge I was looking for!

    So in the end it worked out but kudos to her for turning it around and not leaving an unhappy customer. Also boo to the stylist who told me there weren't any picks in my size in my price range!

    I've been such a big fan of the personal stylist service and always recommended it. Not anymore. From now on I will recommend specific SAs but Nordies lost me as an advocate today.
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