Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Thread

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  2. Thanks so much hun appreciate it!!!
  3. Yes to all of this!
  4. Isn't it interesting the different paths our lives take us on? I was a stay at home, homeschool mom until 2014 when our youngest daughter graduated. She's now a college senior, other, older daughter graduated college last year. Our son goes to public school and is a HS senior. Anyway, my daughters are very interested in fashion and that is how I became more fashion savvy. The youngest is actually going to school to be a merchandiser/buyer and she has a real eye. I don't know what I'll do when she leaves home! Westie Lover, Nordies has wonderful SAs. Find one whose style you like and work with her. You don't need a bunch of clothing, but figuring out what works for you and is flattering is important. The trick is to find someone who will be honest and not just try to sell you stuff.
  5. I really wish Nordstrom would do a survey with some of us who have been level 4 customers for ages and ask what we would like to see. You are right, the sale could encompass a lot more special experiences. The offerings in some departments are really lacking. Designer shoes and bag departments should be able to offer something to customers! Maybe a trunk show event, special color, limited edition something.
  6. That is horrible. I would have been livid. I'm so sorry. I can't believe they couldn't pull some things together for you once they realized how off track they were.
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  7. Regarding Longchamp, as much as I like the classics that they offer, it would be a nice option to have the other styles, as well. And make those Made in France, too.

    The Longchamp one I was interested in this year (the expandable version) is something I already have (wanted one as backup; I really love it). And it's sold out. Maybe one will pop back later (hopefully at a lower price).
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  8. Just like last year and the year before, plenty of the anniversary sales items will end up cheaper on Nordstrom's website and at Nordstrom Rack. You may be able to find some items once your finance situation resolves
  9. Sorry to hear that, hope everything is back on track.
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  10. No, Elaine, you just want your SA to listen to you and offer valid suggestions. That isn't too much to ask. The age appropriate question can be tricky. I'm always asking my daughters if items I like are appropriate. They both have a good eye for fashion and are quite honest with me.

    I love my SA. She doesn't reach out a ton but I'm okay with that. Her suggestions are good and she's a delight to spend time with. There's another gal who is also great fun but quite good to work with when I happen to stop in Nordies and my SA isn't working.
  11. Aw, Mrs. Bagalot, I'm sorry. I hope it all works out in the end and that your health stays good. Hugs to you!
  12. If they'd set up a little Angelina's cafe and make cups of Cafe l'Africain I'd set up a cot in the corner and stay for the duration of the sale. LOL! :biggrin:
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  13. I'm sorry this happened. Hope things are looking up for you soon.
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  14. The majority of the items I buy with the exception of my annual Tom Ford sunglasses, are packed away until my birthday in September once I know everything fits!
  15. I hope mine ship sooner than backorder date too!
  16. I think the UPS guys will be very busy in the coming days as all of our orders start arriving! I have been super busy. Even the items I bought at the pre-sale shopping day on Wednesday haven't been decided on and put away. I've ordered more things and am unsure about some sizes so I've just put it all in our front closet for now and will probably wait and make final decisions once most my orders have arrived.