Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014!

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    The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is opening to the public today, Fri July 18th around 3am EST!


    It's almost time!!!!

    A little over a month until Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! I know this thread is a bit premature, but sometimes info gets leaked on what items may be included in the sale, so it can't hurt to have a thread going a bit early just in case. :biggrin:

    The website states that the actual sale begins July 18. I spoke with Live Chat and I was told Early Access begins July 9th, so we should be expecting our catalogs in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully someone gains access to the PDF version sooner. I remember last year, many of us received our mail catalogs super late in the game.

    Hoping the items are much better this year!
  2. My eyes are on Zella.

    I bought three pairs of the Live In leggings two years ago and two pair of the Power Play leggings last year and all five are still going strong despite constant wear and washing. I occasionally wear them when it's too cold to get dressed in the winter with layers and Uggs and they are very warm and smooth you out well.

    Even at full price Zella's leggings outperform Lululemon for me but their Anniversary Sale stuff is exceptionally well-priced.

    I would stay away from Le Mystere bras for the sale. They are made specifically for the sale and the quality and fit are very different from the full-priced Le Mystere. Le Mystere's quality has dropped significantly in the past 4-5 years but the Anniversary Sale run is extra junky.

    Note: many items for this sale ARE produced by brands exclusively for this sale so quality control varies. Old members will remember shoddy Tory Burch flats from '12 I believe.
  3. hopefully not another Chloe Ethel bag
  4. Totally agree with you regarding Zella!

    I purchased 2 pairs of Zella leggings last year during the Anniversary Sale, b/c of all the buzz here on TPF, & I didn't start using them until recently b/c I was mostly using my Lululemon. Can I just say that the Zella are much nicer! I was pleasantly surprised. They are more flattering on, very well made & durable and the price point is amazing. I'm going to purchase several more during the sale this year.

    I do remember the TB flats, many were complaining of the quality & how uncomfortable they were. It's too bad that even the more popular brands are participating in making poor quality items for the sale to make up for the lower price points. I'm usually really excited about Vince, Ella Moss, Diane Von Furstenburg, etc., but the quality is questionable.

    I'm really eager to see what boots will be included this year. Last year I was very excited about both Rag & Bone booties, & thankfully they were not made just for the sale. Great booties! THanks for the tip on the Le Mystere bras, I always wondered about those. The hanky panky panties are usually a good deal.
  5. :lol: Agree. There's usually so much buzz around this bag, but I've heard the quality is lacking. Seems to be a hot item for the sale, but I wish they would change things up a bit. We see a lot of repeat items year after year.
  6. Love the special.addition longchamp tote with expandable zipper. Using my purple one for.almost3 year.

    No date yet

  7. I got the navy blue Longchamp tote last year for traveling, and it's really quite handy and durable. Love that it expands!

    The date for the sale is set for July 9 for Early Access (cardholders) and July 18 for everyone. So we should be getting our catalogs in the next couple of weeks. :smile:
  8. Can't wait for the catalog. I enjoy this sale every year. I'm hoping to get some fun accessories and work basics this year from Caslon and Halogen.
  9. Can you post pics of the special edition longchamp? Missed it last year ;(
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    Sure, this is from Nordstrom's website, photos are still up even though the tote is currently unavailable. I believe it came in navy blue, black, dark gray, purple & a fuchsia type color. Sorry you missed out but it's very possible they will bring this tote back for this year's sale since they love doing repeats on hot items. :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401523807.851867.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401523823.013481.jpg

  11. Sorry for multiple posts, but I thought you might like to see the tote expanded since that's the "special edition" aspect of it. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401523938.223909.jpg
  12. Do you have to be a Nordstrom cardholder to shop the sale early?
  13. oh wow - I buy Le Mystere from and always ended up with high quality goods - thanks for the warning about the one at the Nordstrom sale. Good to know!!

  14. Yes, in order to make a purchase during Early Access, you have to be a card holder. Before I was a cardholder, they allowed me to go inside the tents and view the items, but I wasn't able to purchase anything. That's actually why I ended up with a Nordstrom card years ago. I couldn't pass on some of the items I saw during early access. Have been super happy w my nordstrom card!
  15. Stupid question but what is the sale going on now and how is the one in July any different?