Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2012

  1. Mmmm....

    Per Nordstrom Live Chat, the Saffron Madison Maggie was placed on sale around July 9 and has sold out with no plans to deliver more.

    But just today the Mushroom Madison Maggie is marked down! Gorgeous blue lining - my concern is always that things are going to fall out of the magnetic snap compartments since they don't completely close, but I just have to give it a whirl. I also wish it had feet to protect all that leather.
  2. I went to Nordstroms again today to ask about the Saffron Maggie since it was not available online. They were able to do a 'store search' for me. There were only 3 Saffron Maggies left in the system.

    The 1st store she called said they didn't have it, even though their inventory indicated that they did. :nogood:
    The 2nd store said that they were too busy to check. :pout:
    The 3rd store was a charm - yeah! my Saffron Maggie is on its way to me via Anchorage, Alaska. :woohoo:
  3. I got mine from a store in west coast. The only one in-stock after the SA called few stores right before closing yesterday. Luckily i got it because it was not restocked nline as I was told by online CS chat. Now, just waiting for it to arrive by end next week.
  4. Wow - good persistence on your parts - glad you were able to get the bags. I wonder if online inventory just shows things have left the warehouse, so to speak, and not in-store stock or recent returns. Regardless of how they got there, I am glad you got your Maggies in Saffron! I do think those are pretty. The handles also look different from the Mushroom one.
  5. I got the coach Maggie in saffron this week in the mail. I don't think I like it very much.

  6. :sad: May I ask why?
  7. I keep floundering. I have it in gray and I thought this would be a nice fall color but the bag isn't as bright as I thought. Its more like dark mustard. I took it back an hour ago so I'm pretty sure its gone now.

    Now I'm regretting my decision.
  8. I don't think you made a wrong decision. The color in your photo was not the color on the website, when the bag was on the website. It does look kind of blah in your photo. No worries, you know something else will catch your eye soon. That's why we're all here!!
  9. Well, I finally got my Nordstrom box today, but it arrived a little dented and it had no tape securing it. The Mushroom Maggie was inside in a plastic bag, but there was no tissue paper and I had a feeling it wasn't going to go well.

    The bag looked great at first - beautiful jewel-toned blue lining...but as I was inspecting it, I found an area on the edge where the leather had flaked off! I have to take it back to return it, and it's sold out online.

    I like recycled/recyclable packaging materials and using less material for shipping, but I'm surprised it wasn't cushioned in any way. Maybe this Distinctive Leather wears like that...?
  10. Just curious how you are enjoying the Saffron Maggie - I was able to ID one through the Nordstrom customer service so they are still floating around out there but are sold out online. I haven't used it yet b/c I'm contemplating whether it will get too heavy for me without a shoulder strap.

  11. I absolutely love the bag (size, shape, etc), but like mrlddst, I wasn't totally in love with the color. So opted to return her, since there were so many other things on my wish list. Instead I was able to score a fuchsia Lindsey, a mushroom Abigail, and a parchment lace Maggie at the outlet.