Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2012

  1. They will mail them out (hopefully before pre-sale on the 11th). Last year they also included a code on the catalog that allowed you to view the items online.
  2. Do you have to use a Nordstrom card to get the discounts? My dad has one and I can use it if I need to, but I'd rather him not know about my spending habits haha.
  3. Would the norstrom's debit card applied to the pre-sales? I am not a card holder but I have the norsdstrom's debit card,
  4. yes!
  5. You need to have one for the presale. Once the sale itself starts, anyone can buy.
  6. No, no new information.

    I'm just so excited that I'm ready to bust.

    I can't wait to see the beauty exclusives and the purses. I hope they have some beautiful offerings this year.

    Oh, how I love the anniversary sale.
  7. Me too!
  8. I have heard that the Chloe bag may be the Marcie...not 100% certain but that is just what I've heard.
    If it is that, it would be a great steal!!
  9. I know that the MJ bags are the XL Single, the zip clutch, and one other that I can't recall off the top of my head.

    I did see a Chloe Marcie wallet; can't remember if the bag was next to it.
  10. Hi is the Marcie cross body going to be on the list. Thanks
  11. I just made an appt with my SA in shoes so will report back on what they got.
  12. Do you happen to know what colors the XL Single will be available in? Also, there aren't any stams on the list are there? I am dying for another MJ bag!
  13. I didn't see any Stams. It may have been the lookbook I was peaking through, but there were only 3 MJ items on the list. I want to say the colors were petal, navy and black.

    I can't recall, sorry.
  14. I see a quite a lot of excitement here. Just how much is usually the discount during the anniv sale? What items are you looking forward to seeing in the anniv sale that did not show up in the summer sale?
  15. I wonder if any MK watches will be on sale this year. I'm dying for a new watch!