Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2012

  1. Hey ladies (and gents) any scoop yet on the sale? I feel like this time in years past we have at least known the beauty deals or seen a few pictures!
  2. I'm waiting for pictures too! Hopefully the catalog comes in the mail soon.
  3. I've been wondering where this thread was for weeks! Usually we know something by now!
  4. I'm so excited. It's almost here!

  5. I love the beauty deals, can't wait!

    I posted in the Nordstrom sale thread about the Charriol, if anyone was interested in that.
  6. I was just at Nordstrom this evening and the SA said they would be mailing the catalog next week. Presales on July 11th and actual sale starts on the 20th.
  7. How is this different from the half yearly sale? Which is better?
  8. IMO this is better because this sale consists of new fall merchandise that is specially priced.
  9. When does it exactly start?
  10. Cardholder Pre-sale starts July 11; sale to public officially starts July 20
  11. ^Thanks! OMG Its right around the corner!
  12. SOOO excited!!
  13. I know! Already have my pre-sale appointment!
  14. This year as a card holder when you presale you can take your things home that day instead of waiting until the actual sale starts to pick them up!
  15. Can't wait!