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  1. Hello all,

    On the Coach forum they were chatting about the bags included in the Anniv. Sale. So, I was wondering if any of you have information about potential MJ or MbyMJ inclusions in the sale. Something was said about a "purse rally", which I assume is when the list is released to SAs. Thanks.

  2. Yes! - Do tell if anyone knows!
  3. OK, just got off the phone with my awesome SA @ SF Nordies. He says he hasn't gotten the designer list for the anniv. sale yet.

    So the good news is that designer bags just got slashed down an extra 20% for a total of 60% off everything that wasn't sold during the half-yearly sale!

    also...I don't know, but this should have been posted in the MJ sightings thread?
  4. Thanks for the update. Are you asking if this thread should be posted in the sale sightings or if your info on the sale should go there? I'm not sure. Since I didn't really have any info I just posted in the regular forums. Hope that's okay.
  5. Hi would u know by any chance if the marc by marc jacobs bags are included...thanks!!
  6. =) I'm asking if I should post the info on the sale thread as well. Maybe I'll do it later ;)
  7. I believe MbMJ are considered designer, and I think I saw on other threads that other bags are slashed down the extra 20% as well.
  8. I was just there Friday and there was no extra discount at my Nordies. I bought a bag (not MJ or MBMJ) but it only had been discounted once.

    I asked several SAs in the different handbag departments (designer, premier designer and the Gucci section) if they knew what was going on sale. No one knew yet. My SA told me they usually find out about a week before and was told I'll probably get a call around the 14th about what's on sale.

    Does anyone know how the pre-sale will work this year? Are they mailing out cards like last year? Or will it only be extended to Nordstrom card holders?
  9. ALL sale threads should be posted in the MJ SALE THREAD ONLY...Please!
    Thanks! and shop away!
Thread Status:
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