Nordstrom Anniv. Christy/Venetia Rec'd-Advice Needed

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  1. Hi, new to the forum--a very sweet SA from my local store tracked down a Christy and Venetia (both black) for me from another store. They arrived today. Although they are beautiful, I'm a bit disappointed in the condition. Neither one had tags (one of them has the torn-off tag in the pocket, with a sticker on it, so it looks like a return). The Christy had a hair in the bottom and one of the buckles on the Venetia is a little scratched. One of the dustbags was from another brand. Neither one looks used (other than what I described), but I'm just kind of bummed that they aren't in pristine condition since it was a big purchase for me. I'm pretty sure I want to keep them (I'm still considering, though), but should I tell the SA or what? Based on other posts, it seems like replacements wouldn't be available. Maybe all they were selling were returns in the first place, since availability was so limited? Thanks =|
  2. That is odd. Were they mailed to you like that? I would say something. Even if they are returns, they still should send them in good condition and look through them to make sure they are ok. These bags are on sale, but not because they are old styles. Even if you are getting a good price, the bag should be in perfect condition.
  3. Yes, they were mailed to me in exactly the condition I described. Kind of disappointing, since they aren't perfect.
  4. i'm sorry you're disappointed. i could only imagine how sad i would be after anxiously waiting for the bags i ordered only to find that they were returns that had been used by somebody else upon arrival.

    if you'll eventually be resigned over the imperfections, i would suggest you keep it since you got a great price for both bags. however, the scratch on the venetia would bother me. i don't mind slight damages if they were my fault, but to tolerate someone else's carelessness? i couldn't do it.

    have you tried contacting Nordstrom's cs? they're very helpful. i'm sure you could talk them into giving you a discount on other bags if you explained that you got two used ones.

    i still can't believe they sent you a replacement dustbag from another brand. that's just unacceptable.
  5. I would try for an additional discount on these bags. The Anniversary sale is for NEW items that are on sale for a limited time before they are sold again at regular price. It is not like they are on a sale table. Everyone else got new, pristine bags at the Anniversary Sale price. Why should you get sub-standard merchandise and pay the same price? I would definitely call and request/demand an additional discount.
  6. Thanks for the helpful replies. I'm going to call and speak with the SA. Any ideas on what adjustment I should try for - what would be reasonable, or what are they likely to do?
  7. From what I've seen and read, Nordstrom isn't big on giving compensation for damaged bags. They would rather just send it back to the supplier. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask though. If they refuse to discount the bag further you can try asking for the same discount (33%) off another designer bag. Good luck!!
  8. They may not be thrilled about giving a discount, but the bottom line is that you purchased a NEW bag, waited for it and it was not up to Nordstrom standards. They need to discount this further OR they need to find you NEW replacements OR give you comparative discounts on similar NEW bags. That is what I would shoot for. Just sending it back to the manufacturer does you no good.
  9. They definitely have a policy that they will not knowingly sell a defective bag. If you find a defect (before sale) the SA's are told to apologize & explain it cannot be discounted and it has to be sent back and they can't discount it.

    Since you have already purchased them I would push to see if they will give you a discount. Another possibility may be you might see if they can find or get another bag for you once they get more in. Since the Aniversary sale bags are discounts on upcoming fall items, they may get more bags in after the sale and if so, you can exchange them.

    Good luck!
  10. I agree with the idea of pushing for the additional discount, should you decide to keep the bags. I think that when you spend a bunch of money on a new bag, you have certain expectations about what you will be receiving...namely, a new bag. When you receive a bag that has defects, that is so disappointing, especially when you were expecting perfect merchandise. Good luck!
  11. NR generally has good CS, I would hope that they would at least offer you 10-15% additional off. Good luck!!