Nordstrom and price adjustments.....

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a question about Nordstrom and their price adjustment policy.

    I purchased some bags at Nordstrom on 12/8. Some on sale, some not. The total bill was A LOT of $$$. Over $8000. I have not been able to get back to a Nordstrom store for the past few weeks leading up to Christmas, because I have been really sick with flu/cold, etc. I went back yesterday to a Nordstrom to try to get a price adjustment on two of the bags (Marc Jacobs that were on sale), because I knew they had been marked down additionally. I was first told that Nordstrom had not marked anything down a second time (I knew that wasn't true) and that I could not get a price adjustment on something that I bought on sale. I had the original receipt, original bags in hand with tags still on it ( I hadn't worn them). I then asked if I could return and repurchase the bags to get the current sale price (which, incidentally, had gone on sale lower for about $300 less per bag) and the sales associate (very snotilly, I might add!) said that I could do that, but that she had a waiting list for those bags and if I returned them then she would have to call the next person on the waiting list and give them my bag! Obviously, that was not an option, since I want the bags.

    I am just asking, because I used to work at Nordstrom and this was not our policy when I was there. It was also not our policy to be rude to the customers. I was going to purchase another item in that department with the difference, so the store was still going to get the sale. I know other people that have been given the price adjustments in these situations. It made me upset, because she was really rude and I had all the proper paperwork...tags, receipts even the bags in hand. I know people that have just brought their receipts or tags in and gotten adjustments. :confused1:
  2. I believe they will only price adjust within a 14 day window. Since you purchased the bags on 12/08 the time has passed for you to receive the additional discount. It sounds like you got some great bags though. Congrats!
  3. Do you an SA that you normally purchase from? Sometimes, they'll give you the price adjustment (outside of the 14 days) if they know you. Also, did you explain that you were sick and unable to make it to the store? Usually Nordies will work with you. Maybe you could try talking to a manager.
  4. I know they go past the 14 days all the time. When I tried to get the price adjustment, the 14 day window was never mentioned. She said the reason she would not give me the price adjustment was that they will not adjust the price on sale items. I thought the policy was one price adjustment. That is my question, really. I know they are liberal about the 14 day policy. My issue was that she said no price adjustment at all, because it was originally on sale and that she said she would take my bag away if I wanted to return and repurchase! She was really rude. The funny thing is that at another Nordstrom, they have done returns and repurchases for me in the recent past. I have never had that kind of experience at a Nordstrom before.
    So, I guess my main question is: Has anyone received a price adjustment from Nordstrom on an item that you bought on sale?
  5. Yes, I just price adjusted two of my bags last night. However, they were purchased within the 14 day window.
  6. i think you should just go back and talk to a different and, hopefully, nicer sa. i've never had a problem with nordstrom, but during the holidays, they hire additional people to help with the high volume of sales and returns for the holidays. usually that accounts for the less than stellar customer service experiences at certain department stores i normally wouldn't have any problems with.
  7. Hmm, well what I did was call my local Nordstrom and tell them that I purchased a bag and wanted to know if it was cheaper, so I gave them the item number or whatever. The girl was not super-nice, but she said I could return it only if it was within the 14 day window, but she wanted me to try the downtown SF store, where I originally placed the phone order for, because her store didn't carry MJ..

    Anyway, I called the other store, explained to them that my actual order date for the bag was not within the 14 day window, but because my bag was shipped to me from another store, and didn't arrive until 8 business days later, then it did fall within the window.

    I went down to the store, saw the same guy I spoke to on the phone, and he gladly adjusted it for me, no questions asked. I got about $238 back.

    I think it might just depend on the SA. If there is a different Nordstrom nearby try calling them? I know it CAN be done. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the info, everyone. I am going to go into another store later today and request the adjustment. If I have any problems, I am going to speak the the store manager.
  9. I've never had a problem with price adjustments and nordstroms, even if it's been after the 14 day window. I got the bordeaux blake at the beginning of the sale; I had to presale it and it was shipped from a different store. I went yesterday to get a price adjustment. The SA gladly gave me the price adjustment. The SA told me that normally the department manager will say 14 days for returns, but the general manager will say 30. But some will even do it way after 30 days. I guess it just depends on the SA.
  10. i wonder if you had returned them and repurchased them right there on the spot (for the price adjustment) if she really would've told you no bc of the bags waiting list. it seems to me that she is just being spiteful. how rude. goodluck! id love to see pictures of your new bags :biggrin:
  11. Okay...update. I went into a different store this afternoon and received a price adjustment on all bags purchased that day. Last night, I was originally going to just ask for the two Marc Jacobs bags I had with me and that I had tags for. After what happened, I was so mad that I decided to request a price adjustment on everything on that receipt. My mom and I both bought bags at the same time and they were all on the same receipt. So....after the adjustments of all the bags, the amount credited back to her credit card was approximately $2700.! Definitely worth the effort.

    Thanks so much for all the responses. It really helped me with my decision to not just accept what the salespeople at The Grove told me.

    Happy New Year!
  12. It's all about the SA you get. If you buy a bag in December - you should be able to get the adjustment - it just makes sense. If you bought a bag in July...then maybe they'd have a problem with that. But it's the end of the year - most SA's are in the "giving" spirit and will help you out!

    This year is the first year I really made a lot of bag purchases with Nordstroms and I'm really happy so far with their customer service and adjustment policies. Therefore, I will continue to give them business as opposed to Neiman Marcus or other high end department stores.....even for bags that are not on sale - I rather deal with them!
  13. great! i'm glad everything worked out!
  14. I am glad you got the price adjustment!
  15. I'm glad that you eventually got the price adjustment :smile: Nordstrom is all about customer service so I don't understand when there are SA's that act the way they did with you. Happy New Year!!!