Nordstrom and Anna Corinna?

  1. Does anyone know whether Nordstrom carries Anna Corinna? I could have SWORN I saw an AC bag at a local Nordstrom recently....but have not seen any other local stores carry it. I wanted affirmation that I'm not completely crazy...hehe.

  2. I have never seen one at Phipps Plaza here in Atlanta...I don't think they carry them, but I may be wrong...
    When I was there today they did say that they are going to start carrying Carshoe and Ferragamo.:smile:
  3. Hi there. I have never seen an Anna Corrina bag at either of my two local Nordstrom stores . . but, I have seen them at Neiman Marcus . . Is it possible you saw it at Neiman's?? I love my City tote . . and really, really want to order the jet setter

  4. I called the Nordstrom that I saw an AC bag at, and they confirmed it - they carried only the Jet Setter. When I asked if they could tell me which other stores carry AC, they told me that they could not find that information out. So frustrating!
  5. My Nordstrom at the MOA told me they carried AC at one time, but hadn't in a while - and the SA said she didn't think they were going to again, and didn't know why. She likes AC bags too!
  6. i just bought an AC City in black at Nordstrom in california TODAY... marked down to $264! (last one)
  7. Union Square Nordstrom in San Francisco had a few Mini Citys when I was there earlier in the week.
  8. I saw an AC today on SALE at the nordies in south coast was white and beautiful but sadly I'm broke...
  9. I don't like them!