Nordstrom additional reductions

  1. Hey girls
    Nordstom made additonal markdown and I got 2 St Jude Diane Von Furstenburg dresses for $129. They are the wrap style, in silk, and were $325. Go look to see if you want anything. With the $5.00 shipping and no tax it is a steal.
  2. Congrats-Which ones did you get? I am
    looking at the red graphic and green ginko, also wish the 3/4 sleeves would go down some more.
    I went CRAZY WITH HER things THIS YEAR.!!!!!!I bought 6 dresses and 2 wrap blouses and they were ALL ON SALE!!! , but I'm sure I can get one or two more.(:yes:)
  3. This makes 4 new DVF dresses this year for me. I got the large graphic ginko in seafoam and the small barrier reef in natural. I don't know how to post the links but the dresses are a steal and I've been watching them for a while. I'm so glad you guys were able to find deals also.
  4. They have awesome deals...I got a $565 pair of Choos for $199 they are BEAUTIFUL!
  5. Wow! you got some great deals.
  6. :drool: Choos!!!
  7. I am so glad for you baglady. I just got the email that my dresses were shipped.
  8. thank goodness,nothing i wanted! lol