Nordstrom 33% Off Select Coach

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  1. has selected Coach handbags for 33% off.........too bad I'm on a ban..huh?
  2. You know I live in your state and you go ahead and post this? Are you flippin kidding me? I work right down the street from the mall and you wave this in front of my forum face while I struggle through my months of bannage? You, GAPeach, are on the list! Be afraid! Be very afraid! :shocked:

    It just better not be on anything I have currently selected to own...

  3. :lol:....aaahhhh, it's only 33% off. Wait for a 50% off sale. You can do it!
  4. I just yawned at the 33%

    We can do better

    But Nordies price matches....
  5. Plus they'll honor the coach pce! :smile:
  6. I love Nordies...can't beat their CS. Too bad my closest is 1.5 hours away. :sad: