Nordstrom 2010 Anniversary Sale L.A.M.B. Bags

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    I just went and checked out the presale. My Nordies had two bag styles, one was a larger leather shoulder bag and the other was handheld leather bag. It came in four colors which were a deep red, navy blue, lighter grey and black. No wallets or clutches at my Nordies. If you look at the Fall 2010 thread with the pics in the beginning. Post #3 has the grey bag which is the larger one I'm talking about and it came in all four colors. In post #3 the pic of the blue bag was the other style available in all 4 colors and they were priced the same which I believe was $229 or $239.
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    ^^Thanks for the report LatteGrl!:heart: So what did you think of the bags? Are they nice? The colors sound pretty.

    BTW, should we maybe start a separate thread for this discussion?

    ETA: I just saw your posts about the pictures in the Fall thread...
  3. ^ maybe this should be moved to a new thread. The new bags are gorgeous and fit L.A.M.B.'s new tough-chick/army surplus style and I love them both....I can't deny that the grey bag gives me major Alexander Wang vibes, though... But, of course, I like the L.A.M.B. waaayyyy more than Wang ;)

    Here's the pics so you guys won't have to hunt:


  4. I've started this thread to discuss the L.A.M.B. bags Nordies is offering this year as part of their Anniversary Sale. I've asked a Mod to move our posts from the deals thread. :smile:
  5. I have pics will post soon
  6. Awesome! I accidently washed my cell phone so my cell phone camera no longer works. I was dying to take pics while I was there. I liked the bags. The leather was soft but not as soft as the leather on the fuschia bags. The leather on these bags seemed sturdier and they looked well made. I really like the blue and was tempted to get the shoulder bag. I think the sale price on these bags is great and retail they are priced much lower than normal.
  7. Woo Hooooo for pics!!!:yahoo:
  8. Okay -- finally! Pics!
    Vane Satchel: Midnight Blue, Black, Grey, Red (deep scarlet color)

    Seville Hobo

    New Interior
  9. WOW! The texture of the leather looks amazing. I love the colors too. The red almost looks like a Chestnut. Very pretty!

    Yvonne, you're the best! Thank you for taking spy pics!!:hugs:
  10. I don't think my flash was on - my phone was dying! The red is a deep red - similar to the Glazed Love bags but I want to say a tad richer/darker! It's really lovely!
    I ended up with the Red Hobo and Navy/Midnight Satchel! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  11. ^^Awesome choices!!! I usually prefer satchels but I'm loving that Hobo. I really wish I could see them in real life. I may have to travel to Austin to see them first-hand.
  12. These bags are kind of awesome. I am LOVING the new logo jacquard lining!!
  13. Gorgeous bags! But wait, I'm confused... did the Anniversary Sale already start?
  14. ^^No, it doesn't officially start until July 16th but stores started pre-selling this week.
  15. oooh I really like the satchel! can't wait!