Nordstorm Half Yearly VS Anniversary Sale

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  1. A little off topic, but can you guys give opinions about these two sales? Are we getting pretty much the same discount deal or which one is a bigger sale? .... Thanks
  2. I would say the discounts are about the same but the half-yearly is end of the season sale whereas the anniversary sale puts fall items on sale early and after the sale is over everything goes back to full-price. I usually buy more at the annivesary sale. Nordstrom always has a great sunglass selection on sale at the annivesary sale.
  3. I would say Anniversay sale..they special purchase items for each department. which is pretty good deal~
  4. Anniversary wins hands down for me. I like to go wild at that sale because of the introduction of new items.
  5. I used to work at Nordstrom so I can gibe you the lowdown. June & November Half are basically just clearance sales, although sometimes specialty items are availible/ordered into the stores for a bit of "newness".

    The anniversary sale is hands down the best sale Nordstrom has. Tons of fall merchandise is availible at prices of at least 40% off. Get it while it's there, b/c the buyers do not re-order this merchandise. Lots of designers exclusively make items for this sale b/c its such a guarranteed buy. Call your SA to schedule an appt for pre-sale if you want to get the good stuff while it lasts.
  6. hey! when is the anniversary sale usually? and is it online?
    that description made me salivate! lol

  7. When is the Anniversary Sale?
  8. I just googled and it's July 20th - Aug 5.
  9. Thank you :smile:
  10. I am currently working at Nordstrom - until law school starts in the fall. I would agree with the other authors that the Anniversary sale is better than the half yearly. That is unless you favor a certain item that you have been waiting for. Otherwise the Ann. sale is much better because the store does receive more new merch for the event. And def call your sa to reserve your items.
  11. What if you don't have a regular SA to work with ? Every year I usually clear out the boys section during this sale for the Fall...I would love to be able to do it as a presale and not have to be there at 7 am. :sleepy:
  12. If you dont have someone that you normally work with, you can call the dept. and have someone pull some items for you. I would recommend the dept. manager b/c they usually know everything before the sales staff does. They should have an anniversary sale look book (I'm not sure if every dept. does) and you could stop by sometime and see what looks good to you. Then, have the SA pull it for you about a week before the sale starts and they ring it up on the day of the sale.

    If they aren't willing to work with you, there are usually some pretty good door busters to get you in there at 7AM!

    To who was asking about the online vs. in store sales - the sale starts in store and online at the same time.


  13. do any of you who work for nordstroms know what shoes will be on sale june 6th?
  14. does this include men's briefcases?
  15. The anniversary sale is always great! I save for it every year, and usually end up with quite a haul for the fall - cannot wait to presale!